ABMC ACPEL 2013 Conference Report

Posted: January 14, 2014
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ABMC 2013  Conference Theme –   ‘Corporate Governance and Business Sustainability’

ACPEL2013  Conference Theme –   ‘Trust: Governance, Society and Sustainability’

The Fourth Annual Asian Business and Management Conference (ABMC) 2013 and the Inaugural Asian Conference on Politics, Economics and Law 2013 (ACPEL) welcomed 150 delegates from over 30 countries. This joint Asian Business and Management Conference and Asian Conference on Politics, Economics and Law offered a great opportunity for in-depth interdisciplinary discussions covering a wide range of topic from management and public policy, through to civil court processes and financial economics.

The plenary session this year had a very strong line-up with Keynote Speaker Professor Yozo Yokota who is currently President of the Japanese Center for Human Rights, an internationally renowned jurist and diplomat, Member of the Committee of Experts of the International Labour Organization and former United Nations Special Rapporteur to Myanmar. Professor Yokota spoke on the relationship of Business and Human Rights and sought to illuminate the delegates with the current attitudes and expectations surrounding this area of business thought. His key message and evidence was that businesses and societies that do not promote human rights are not as effective, productive nor successful as those, which do.

Our first featured speaker Professor Edward Yagi, has had a distinguished career in both naval aviation and diplomacy before becoming a full-time business faculty leader at Nanzan University, Japan. His presentation ‘When Problem Solvers Never Solve the Problem’ raised the point that stakeholders in a problem or issue will never find a workable solution, as their vested interests require them to continue the existence of it. The second featured, Professor Nicholas Benes has enjoyed an academic background in political science, law, and investment banking, before also becoming involved in advocacy and teaching. His presentation ‘Director Training: The Easiest, Most Obvious Way to Improve Japanese Boards’ compared and contrasted the differences in Japanese and United States company board of directors, highlighting the need for specific professional training and the requirement of appointing outside directors into Japanese businesses and organisations to develop improved corporate governance.

A feature of this years conference was a special ‘Data Science for Luddites: An IAFOR Workshop’ which was lead by Professor Jerry Platt (Akita International University) and Bryce Platt, IAFOR’s Technology Coordinator. The goal of the workshop was to help delegates improve their research skills and outputs by developing and enhancing their knowledge of Data Science so as to uncover patterns, discern meaningful links and relationships, and generate data visualizations in support of a compelling academic narrative.

IAFOR would like to thank conference chairs, Professor Jerry Platt (Akita International University and IAFOR Advisory Board Vice Chair) and Professor William Baber (Kyoto University), and the many programme advisers for their continued and committed academic support and guidance, as well as all the participants that attended ABMC/ACPEL 2013. IAFOR looks to 2014 when we can again exchange our views and approaches and further the inspiring discussion!



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Download a PDF version of the official conference programme by clicking here


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