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This IAFOR event is held in affiliation with some of the world's leading universities and NGOs. As part of a growing educational and research network, these partnerships confirm the integrity and high academic standing of the organization, particularly with regard to our international and intercultural objectives.

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Presentation Guide

IAFOR Conference Presentation Guide

Whether you are a seasoned professional who has been presenting for many years, or a nervous first-timer, the following tips are intended to act as a simple guide or reminder.

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ACLL2017: Organising Committee

  • Professor Steve Cornwell – Osaka Jogakuin University, Osaka, Japan
  • Professor Neil McClelland – University of Kitakyushu, Japan
  • Professor Barbara Lockee – Virginia Tech, USA
  • Professor Ted O’Neill – Gakushuin University, Japan
  • Dr Eric Hawkinson – The University of Fukuchiyama, Japan
  • Professor Sean O’Connell – Nanzan University, Japan
  • Dr Joseph Haldane – The International Academic Forum (IAFOR)



ACLL2017 Review Committee


  • Dr Amerrudin Abd Manan – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Dr Arif Sariçoban – Hacettepe University, Turkey
  • Professor Benny Lee – Sim University, Singapore
  • Professor Chia-Ling Hsieh – National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  • Dr Daniel Velasco – Chicago School of Professional Psychology & Rikkyo University, Japan
  • Dr David Litz – Emirates College for Advanced Education, UAE
  • Professor Djamiah Husain – State University of Makassar Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Dr Duc Huu Pham – Vietnam National University, Vietnam
  • Dr Elena Prats – Kyoto University, Japan
  • Dr Engku Haliza Engku Ibrahim – International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Dr Hsiu-Ling Hsu – Kun-Shan University, Taiwan
  • Dr Laleh Moghtadi – Islamic Azad University, Nourabad Mamasani Branch, Iran
  • Dr Lucía Pintado-Gutiérrez – Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Dr Ludwig Tan – Sim University, Singapore
  • Dr Manizheh Alami – Salalah College of Technology, Oman
  • Dr Michele Eduarda Brasil De Sá – University of Brasília, Brazil
  • Dr Myrna Labesig-Macalinao – Leyte Normal University, The Philippines
  • Dr Raees Unnisa – BSSS Bhopal, India
  • Dr Saadia Elamin – Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Yin Ling Elaine Ng – Southern University of Science and Technology of China, China
  • Dr Yun-Fang Sun – Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Taiwan

Review Committee members are established academics who hold PhDs or other terminal degrees in their fields who have previous peer review experience. If you would like to be considered to serve on the ACLL Review Committee, please contact

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