Belén Martín-Lucas Announced as Global2016 Keynote Speaker

Posted: February 23, 2016
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Belén Martín-Lucas

Global2016 Keynote Speaker

Associate Professor, University of Vigo, Spain

Belén Martín-Lucas has joined the line-up for The IAFOR International Conference on Global Studies 2016 (Global2016) in Barcelona, which is to be held alongside The IAFOR International Conference on the City 2016 (City2016) Saturday, July 16 – Monday, July 18, 2016.

Her Keynote Presentation, “Speculations on Posthuman Love: Nalo Hopkison’s Response to Neoliberal Necropolitics”, will discuss TransCanadian author Nalo Hopkinson’s critique of the devastating regime of the expulsion of a majority of the population from the networks of economic globalization, and from life itself.

Belén Martín-Lucas is an Associate Professor at the University of Vigo, Spain in the fields of Postcolonial, Diasporic and Gender Studies. Her research focuses on modes of resistance in TransCanadian women’s fiction, with an emphasis on genre innovations. She has coauthored the volumes The Transnational Story Hub: Between Self and Other (2016) and Transnational Poetics. Asian Canadian Women’s Fiction of the 90s (TSAR 2011) and contributed to the recent collections Understanding Canada and CanLit’s Transnational Circulations (U of Alberta Press, forthcoming 2017), Literature and the Glocal City. Reshaping the English Canadian Imaginary (Routledge, 2014), and Differences in Common: Gender, Vulnerability and Community (Rodopi, 2014), among others. She has co-edited several scholarly collections and journal special issues on the topic of Globalization and Nationalism. In 2010 she co-founded the electronic journal Canada and Beyond: A Journal of Canadian Literary and Cultural Studies and since then she co-organizes biannual conferences associated with the journal. From 2010 to 2013 she directed “The Global Cultures Project” and, in collaboration with Dr. Merlinda Bobis, “The Transnational Story Hub”, a transnational creative writing hub with participants from Vigo (Spain) and Wollongong (Australia). She is currently directing the international research project “Bodies in Transit: Making Difference in Globalized Cultures” (2015-17), involving researchers from 15 institutions in Europe and North America.

Keynote Presentation: Speculations on Posthuman Love: Nalo Hopkison’s Response to Neoliberal Necropolitics

Numerous critics of globalization, including Manuel Castells, Saskia Sassen, Judith Butler, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, have repeatedly denounced the expulsion of a majority of the population from the networks of economic globalization and from Life itself, as an effect of the implementation of neoliberal necropolitics: within the virtual economy disposable bodies become disposable lives. This paper will discuss TransCanadian author Nalo Hopkinson’s critique of this devastating regime in her diverse speculative fiction texts, from her first novel, Brown Girl in the Ring (1998) to her latest collection Falling in Love with Hominids (2015). Hopkinson’s powerful defence of glocal knowledge –combining Indigenous and Afrosporic epistemologies— and her depiction of posthumanist affective bonds that are more enabling and empowering for the currently oppressed will be foregrounded as pedagogical tools for survival.

My analysis will make use of critical posthumanism, affect theory, postcolonial literary criticism, and feminist theories to engage with the current philosophical interrogation of the human and the posthuman in the context of this inhumane new world order carried out by prominent feminist philosophers like Donna Haraway, N. Katherine Hayles and Rossi Braidotti. Just as these theorists have often turned to speculative fiction to illustrate their analysis of current affairs and in search for alternatives, the present paper will interrogate this potential in Hopkinson’s work while expanding on it to offer strategies of resistance.

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