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The Asian Conference on Film & Documentary 2016


Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan

Thursday, October 27 - Saturday, October 29, 2016

Abstract Submission Deadline: June 20, 2016

Registration Deadline for Presenters: September 20, 2016


Publish before a global audience. Present in a supportive environment. Network and create new relationships. Hear the latest research. Experience Japan. Join a global academic community.

This international and interdisciplinary conference on Film and Documentary is now in its fifth year, and will bring together a range of academics and practitioners to discuss new directions in film studies. As with IAFOR’s other events, FilmAsia2016 will afford the opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, and networking across higher education and beyond. The conference will also host the fourth IAFOR Documentary Film Award and a film festival.

The Fifth Asian Conference on Film & Documentary 2016 will again be held alongside The Seventh Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2016. Registration for either conference will allow attendees to attend sessions in the both.




FilmAsia2016 Conference Theme: “Justice”


Film and media, like art and literature, are multi-layered forums for probing the depths of the multifarious concept of “justice.” This can relate to its ethical and moral branches (social, legal, moral justice, etc.) as well as its less tangible embodiments (poetic justice, rough justice, etc.).

Fictional films and documentaries frequently celebrate victories of justice and triumphs over adversity in functioning democratic institutions (e.g. Twelve Angry Men), while others explore more fractious moral and ethical dilemmas related to the concept. For instance, can there ever be a moral justification for acting above the law – even committing a serious crime for a “higher purpose”? One might reference Woody Allan’s countless adaptations of Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment.

Is a work of fiction or media reporting culpable if it falsifies for a “good cause?” Does justice have a “dark side,” or is this the outcome of it being manipulated? Questions like these have been with us throughout the ages. Do they exist as boundaries for reflection rather than questions to be answered?

Some modern TV series look into justice issues from a legal point of view, but also probe the psychology of many types of people on both sides of the law. What do these contribute to the better understanding of the complexities of human nature and human emotion exposed in them?

We expect this open and enduring theme to excite a number of stimulating research paths, and look forward to their outcomes.

We look forward to seeing you at FilmAsia2016!

More information on our conference theme and sub-themes.




FilmAsia2016 Conference Chairs


Professor Gary Swanson

FilmAsia2016 Conference Co-Chair and Featured Speaker

CEO D’image Studios
Former Hansen Endowed Chair in Journalism and Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence
The University of Northern Colorado, USA

Gary E. Swanson is an internationally recognised and highly acclaimed photojournalist, documentary and news producer, director, editor, educator, speaker and consultant. He has also been an educator for 22 years. Prior to his work in academe, Swanson compiled a distinguished professional broadcast career spanning 13 years at NBC News – producing award-winning documentaries, prime-time news magazine stories, and covering “breaking news” in 26 states and Canada for the network – including trips and campaigns of presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. Swanson has earned more than 80 awards for broadcast excellence and photojournalism including three national Emmys.




Dr. James Rowlins

FilmAsia2016 Conference Co-Chair

Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

James Rowlins left his native England for Paris, France, where he studied for a B.A. (Hons) and M.A. specialising in French cinema. His passion for visual culture subsequently took him to Los Angeles, where he earned a doctorate at the University of Southern California, USA. In addition to exploring literature and film through a theoretical lens, as well as dabbling in filmmaking, his dissertation focused on the crossover between post-war American film noir and the French New Wave, arguing that the subversive manipulation of the Hollywood genre formula by the auteurs constitutes a political aesthetic. He has published articles on contemporary French fiction, film and existentialism, cinematic phenomenology and new perspectives on the New Wave. He has held teaching positions in Europe, America and Japan, and is currently a Lecturer in the Humanities and the Arts Department at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore established in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

View all Keynote Speakers, Featured Speakers and Conference Chairs



Paul Spicer Film Asia IAFOR

Dr. Paul Spicer

FilmAsia2016 Conference Co-Chair and Featured Speaker

Hiroshima Jougakuin University, Japan

Dr. Paul Spicer is currently an Associate Professor at Hiroshima Jougakuin University in the beautiful city of Hiroshima. He was previously employed by the University of Portsmouth as a lecturer within the School of Creative Arts, Film and Media, where he co-ordinated the courses Japanese Cinema and Culture, and East Asian Cinema. In 2001 he decided to return to education, and began a degree programme at Portsmouth. He successfully graduated in 2005 with a BSc(1st Class Hons) in Entertainment Technology. In 2007, he began work on his doctoral thesis entitled ‘The Films of Kenji Mizoguchi: Authorship and Vernacular Style’. He completed his thesis in August 2011, and successfully sat his Viva Voce at the University of Portsmouth the same year. Dr. Spicer’s research lies primarily in the area of film and cultural studies, and his current work focuses upon the relationship between film and Japanese socio/political issues between 1965-1975.



The IAFOR Documentary Film Award & Festival 2016


IAFOR MediAsia2015 / FilmAsia2015 Conference

Documentary film is strongly in line with The International Academic Forum’s vision as an academic think tank that promotes international, intercultural and interdisciplinary discussion and exchange. Started in 2009, the IAFOR Documentary Film Award has grown in size and influence.

Registered delegates for MediAsia2016 and/or FilmAsia2016 will receive FREE admission to the festival.

The IAFOR Documentary Film Award is backed by IAFOR and The Asian Conference on Media and Mass Communication and The Asian Conference on Film and Documentary, which have established themselves as prestigious events for industry professionals.

For more information on our documentary competition and festival please visit the IAFOR Documentary Film Award website.



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Conference Proceedings

If your abstract is accepted and you have registered for the conference, you are encouraged to submit a full paper for inclusion in the official conference proceedings published on the website. Final papers should be uploaded through the submissions system. Please ensure that your paper is ready to go to press by the submission deadline.




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IAFOR University & Institutional Partners


The International Academic Forum works with our partner institutions to encourage the best in international, intercultural and interdisciplinary research at this conference.

We work with senior administrators and professors to develop programmes which are timely, thought-provoking and academically rigorous. This global partnership alliance means our interdisciplinary conferences are backed by some of the world’s foremost institutions of learning. Read more about our partners.

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