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This IAFOR event is held in affiliation with some of the world's leading universities and NGOs. As part of a growing educational and research network, these partnerships confirm the integrity and high academic standing of the organization, particularly with regard to our international and intercultural objectives.

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  The Star Alliance member airlines are pleased to be appointed as the Official Airline Network for The IAFOR’s Hawaiian Conference Series 2017.   To obtain the Star Alliance Conventions Plus discounts please visit the Conventions Plus online booking tool

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IAFOR Conference Presentation Guide

Whether you are a seasoned professional who has been presenting for many years, or a nervous first-timer, the following tips are intended to act as a simple guide or reminder.

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The IAFOR International Conference on Arts & Humanities – Hawaii 2017

The Hawai‘i Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Thursday, January 5 - Saturday, January 7, 2017

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 1, 2016

Registration Deadline for Presenters: December 1, 2016


Conference Theme: “East Meets West: Innovation and Discovery”


Global movements of people and ideas have made possible meetings of East and West that have brought together peoples whose roots lie in different nations, languages, religions, and cultures.

These meetings of different cultures, literal and metaphorical, have generated contrasts ranging from outright confrontation to some amazingly creative responses. They have inspired art and architectural beauty, generated new perspectives, expanded trade exchanges, and stimulated technological innovation and scientific discovery. They have also been directly and indirectly responsible for suffering and destruction on the one hand, but for literature, music, food, friendships, and love on the other.

From the high end of literature, music, art, and fashion, to simple improvements in communications and understanding, all of which are necessary for the progress of human civilizations, this conference has as its theme the historical, geographical and cultural meetings of East and West.

The IAFOR International Conference on the Arts & Humanities – Hawaii 2017 (IICAHHawaii2017) will be held alongside The IAFOR International Conference on the Social Sciences – Hawaii 2017 (IICSSHawaii2017), and The IAFOR International Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment – Hawaii 2017 (IICSEEHawaii2017) as part of the same event. Registration for any one of these conferences permits attendance in all three within the event.

In conjunction with our global partners, including the University of Hawaii at Manoa, we look forward to extending a warm welcome to you in 2017.


The Organising Committee



Join The Hawaiian Conference Series 2017

IICAHHawaii2017 is part of The Hawaiian Conference Series 2017, which runs Thursday, January 5 – Tuesday, January 10, 2017 and comprises two events:

Take full advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of The Hawaiian Conference Series 2017 by staying for the full duration of the series. Attending both events offers the opportunity to hear research from and deliver your research to academics from a broad variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Registrants for The IAFOR International Conference on the Arts & Humanities – Hawaii 2017 may attend Events 1 & 2, and present an extra paper or poster (subject to passing peer review) for a discounted additional fee of just $200.



IAFOR Publishing Opportunities




The IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities is an editorially independent journal. A small number of papers from the Conference Proceedings are selected by the journal editor for inclusion. Articles may also be submitted directly by contacting the appropriate editor. IAFOR’s open access journals, which conform to the highest academic standards, reflect the interdisciplinary and international nature of our conferences and are organised thematically.



Conference Proceedings

If your abstract is accepted and you have registered for the conference, you are encouraged to submit a full paper for inclusion in the official Conference Proceedings published on the website. Final papers should be uploaded through the submissions system. Please ensure that your paper is ready to go to press by the submission deadline.




THINK, The Academic Platform, is IAFOR’s online magazine, publishing the latest in interdisciplinary research and ideas from some of the world’s foremost academics, many of whom have presented at IAFOR conferences. Content is varied in both subject and form, with everything from full research papers, to shorter opinion pieces, interviews, podcasts, film and photography.



IAFOR University & Institutional Partners

University of Hawaii at Manoa

The International Academic Forum works with our partner institutions, including University of Hawaii at Manoa, to encourage the best in international, intercultural and interdisciplinary research at this conference.

We work with senior administrators and professors to develop programmes that are timely, thought-provoking and academically rigorous. This global partnership alliance means that our interdisciplinary conferences are backed by some of the world’s foremost institutions of learning. Read more about our partners.



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