Drago Stambuk: Haiku Consciousness

Posted: May 28, 2013
Category: Keynotes, Research

“Haiku Consciousness”
Dr Drago Stambuk
ACAH / LibrAsia 2011 Keynote


ACAH / LibrAsia 2011 Keynote


Dr Drago Stambuk

Extract “The haiku is a way of accessing and representing, an agenda for the common good, for the common betterment. By definition, the haiku is brief; even tiny. Yet in three short lines, a vast metaphysical expanse opens up: this is the paradox, the shock and the achievement of the haiku. A minimal amount of text charged with infinite space and time. I call this open space, this arena of metaphysics, the haiku consciousness.”

Click HERE to download the PDF.

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