IAFOR Special Panel Discussions

Special Panel Discussions

From diplomats discussing geopolitical issues such as Asia-Pacific security, to university presidents addressing questions of inequality in education, The International Academic Forum’s Special Panels invite leading thought leaders from around the world to address some of the most important global issues, to discuss them openly, and to bring new perspectives.

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IAFOR Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and workshops are organized by The International Academic Forum as part of our educational programs and conferences to contribute towards the professional development of academics throughout the world. Examples of topics covered by IAFOR workshops range from cross-cultural and diversity training for educators, to statistical modeling for research purposes for economists.

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IAFOR Cultural Events

Cultural Events

The International Academic Forum is proud to be based in Japan, and we organize a number of events throughout the year which showcase the best of Japanese culture, ranging from the raw power of the taiko drums to the understated beauty of the tea ceremony, and from martial arts demonstrations by world class masters, to hands on calligraphy workshops by university clubs.

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IAFOR Volunteer Programme Osaka 2014

Hosted Events

The International Academic Forum hosts a number of events on behalf of other educational or organizations or professional bodies.

IAFOR is able to organize conferences on behalf of third party organizations providing that no association might compromise or be seen to compromise the political independence or academic integrity of the organization.

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IAFOR Associated Events

Associated Events

The International Academic Forum has a global partnership with some of the world’s leading universities, as well as some leading non-profit organizations. Some of these associated events are simply supported by IAFOR as part of the partnership, and others are directly operated by IAFOR on a pro-bono basis, such as in the case of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s Diversity Summit.

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