Eye Magazine – Issue 2 – Autumn / Winter 2013

Posted: November 16, 2013
Category: Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine is now out of production, replaced by IAFOR’s online magazine, THINK, The Academic Platform. This past issue of Eye Magazine will remain freely accessible and available to read on this page. To submit an article to THINK, please visit the submission page.

About Eye Magazine


Eye Magazine – Issue 2 – Autumn / Winter 2013
Eye Magazine is published under ISSN: 2187-8935 issued by the National Diet Library of Japan.

We are happy to release the second issue of IAFOR’s Eye magazine. At IAFOR we felt that you, as a reader of Eye, should also have the opportunity to contribute to this new exciting magazine venture. Thus we hope that it can give you the opportunity to also creatively focus your own vision, perspective and insight as a contributor to future editions. We trust that Eye magazine will be an informative, interesting and exciting way for us to communicate with you, and you in turn with us. In future editions we hope to bring you a wide range of articles and stories ranging from interviews and reviews, through to showcases of the newest, most innovative and thought-provoking ideas from academia. We hope you enjoy the second edition!

Download a PDF version (89MB) by clicking HERE

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