Eye Magazine – Issue 3 – Spring 2014

Posted: March 26, 2014
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Eye Magazine is now out of production, replaced by IAFOR’s online magazine, THINK, The Academic Platform. This past issue of Eye Magazine will remain freely accessible and available to read on this page. To submit an article to THINK, please visit the submission page.

PDF version of Eye Magazine Issue 3.

About Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine - Issue 3 - Spring 2014

Eye Magazine – Issue 3 – Spring 2014
Eye Magazine is published under ISSN: 2187-8935 issued by the National Diet Library of Japan.

Welcome to this the third edition of Eye magazine the International Academic Forums own in-house e-magazine publication. Through Eye magazine, we hope to enlighten you to various views and opinions of our contributors, many of whom, have presented full research papers at our various conferences. We are very excited by this particular edition of the magazine as we have a new design layout thanks to my colleague, Thaddeus Pope, IAFOR’s Media Manager, as well a some great articles to interest you as the reader.

As the new editor of Eye magazine one of my goals is to provide opportunities for the latest research presented at IAFOR’s conferences and subsequently published in our various official proceedings and journals the opportunity to reach out to a new audience. Of course that research has to be able to be digestible to the non-specialists. So hopefully, with Eye magazine a specialist in the area of international relations can inform and enlighten a language learning expert and likewise a cultural studies exponent can speak to an economist, or a lawyer to an environmental engineer, without the burden of over-specialist terminology found within one’s own traditional research silo. To that, Eye magazine is in many ways, an extension of our focus on developing interdisciplinary knowledge and research synergies.

In this latest edition I wish to thank those contributors who have kindly written articles and submitted photos to make it all happen, to make it an interesting and vibrant read. This edition has some fabulous articles. Craig Sower throwing down the gauntlet with respect to the direction of modern education. Doug Forster with his wonderful essay on the movie Peggy Sue got Married filtered through the socio-political perspective of Reagan’s America. Barry Natusch and Beryl Hawkins with their critical examination of ‘Abenomics’ and the resulting media discourse here in Japan. It is also a pleasure to publish the opinion editorial of Dr Jerry Platt who provides a critical analysis of the current university rankings, which are becoming over prescribed, described and with people like Jerry around – thoroughly debunked. I first became aware of the research in this area following Jerry’s address at last year’s Asian Conference on Education. Also in this edition we have featured an interview by Gary Swanson with Robert Roth, which will also be soon available on IAFOR’s Channel. The interview looks back on Richard’s long career as a journalist and media professor. It highlights the exciting journalism program at North Western under Brad Hamm and Richard’s current role in the Middle East. The video of this interview is available on IAFOR’s YouTube channel.

Also in this third edition of Eye magazine we also get a chance to meet up with Canadian environmentalist Severn Cullis Suzuki whom Rebecca Irby recently interviewed on video, something that will be available shortly on IAFOR’s YouTube Channel. Rebecca Irby also contributes an informative report on a New Jersey based education program – the Developing Safe and Civil Schools Initiative. Hong Kong based Japanese writer Jun Kobayashi introduces us the architectural culture of the colourful Wan Chai district in Hong Kong, and Anis Bajrektarevic provides us with a fascinating perspective of the current Syrian issue. Young Indian writer and academic Vineet Kaul offers a delightful short piece on the personal joy and torment of the writing process, something, which many of us can relate to as professionals or academics. This edition features an excerpt from the keynote speech of Professor Svetlana Ter-Minasova’s Keynote Address at the Asian Conference on Education in which she reflected on the past attitudes and practices that she experienced first hand as a young student then ambitious professor of foreign languages under then Soviet Russia.

Lastly at IAFOR we felt that you, as a reader of Eye, should also have the opportunity to contribute to this new exciting magazine venture. Thus we hope that it can give you the opportunity to also creatively focus your own vision, perspective and insight as a contributor to future editions. We trust that this edition of Eye magazine will be an informative, interesting and exciting way for us to communicate with you, and you in turn with us.


Michael Liam Kedzlie


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