Eye Magazine – Issue 5 – Fall 2014

Posted: October 27, 2014
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Eye Magazine is now out of production, replaced by IAFOR’s online magazine, THINK, The Academic Platform. This past issue of Eye Magazine will remain freely accessible and available to read on this page. To submit an article to THINK, please visit the submission page.

PDF version of Eye Magazine Issue 5.

Editor: Michael Liam Kedzlie
Assistant Editor – Copy Editing and Layout: Lindsay Lafreniere
Original Design: Thaddeus Pope
Eye Magazine is published under ISSN: 2187-8935 issued by the National Diet Library of Japan.

About this issue of Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine Issue 5 cover

Eye Magazine – Issue 5 – Fall 2014

Welcome to the Fall 2014 edition of Eye Magazine, the International Academic Forum’s own in-house e-magazine publication. In this month’s Eye we once again have a great line-up of articles and opinion pieces. From Dilton Riberio, we have a fascinating article on using international dispute resolution to solve outstanding territorial issues in the East Asian region. Craig Mark looks at the collective defense arrangements that the Abe government in Japan is now focusing on. Alex Kreig looks into the social dilemma of hikikomori, or societal shut-ins, and Jared Baxter reveals insights into Vincent Van Gogh and Rembrandt’s painting Slaughtered Ox. Through Alexandra Salas we also have a look at how VoiceThread can impact classroom engagement and learning and from Brian De Silva we learn about his research into the societal challenges faced by male dancers.

This edition of Eye publishes a fascinating interview with Professor Alfonso Garcia Osuna about his research work into Latin American filmic narrative and how it creates national identity. We also have an article based on the recent European Conference on Politics, Economics and Law keynote address by Oxford University’s Professor Arthur Stockwin. Professor Stockwin offers his British perspective regarding Japan’s new directions in defence, nationalism and constitutional revisionism.

IAFOR has a strong relationship with the Japan-based Hope International Development Agency who work in rebuilding lives after disasters and in poverty relief. In this edition, Hope International’s Lowell Shephard and Elena Omura explain how Hope goes about its work and some of the successes they have had in their years of work. Assistant Editor of Eye Magazine Lindsay Lafreniere writes about hiking Japan’s Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail. The editorial in this Fall edition of Eye casts a critical eye on the legal and political machinations surrounding the recent International Court of Criminal Justice ruling against Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean.

As Editor, I must give special thanks again to my assistant editor Lindsay Lafreniere and IAFOR’S Media Manager Thad Pope for their assistance in getting this magazine together and looking so good. I must also thank the voluntary contributions of our writers. They are the people who really make Eye the insightful, intelligent and interdisciplinary magazine that it is. We hope you enjoy reading it and feel inspired to contribute yourself.

Michael Liam Kedzlie


Articles include:

Having a Whale of a Time:
Should a small Japanese industry hold the country’s favourable international reputation at ransom?

by Michael Liam Kedzlie

Rembrandt’s Slaughtered Ox:
Vincent van Gogh’s Symbolist Interpretation

by Jared Baxter

Reclusive Shut-ins:
Are Hikikomori Predominantly a Japanese Problem?

by Alexander Krieg

The Territorial Disputes between Japan and China
An Opportunity for Change

by Dilton Ribeiro

New Directions in Japan’s Constitution, Defence and Nationalism
From the British Perspective

by J.A.A. Stockwin

“There’s A Man in Tights Dancing on Stage!”
Critical events in the lives of male dancers and choreographers

by Brian De Silva

Possibilities Across Oceans, Continents and Cultures:
HOPE International shares the gift of clean water

by Elena Omura & Lowell Sheppard

Walk like a Pilgrim:
Hiking Japan’s Kumano Kodo

by Lindsay Lafreniere

Japanese Collective Self-Defence
by Craig Mark

Latin American Filmic Narratives, Identities and Struggles
An Interview with Alfonso Garcia Osuna

How VoiceThread impacts classroom engagement and learning
by Alexandra Salas

Manila’s ‘Big Little Spend Up’:
The Philippines Defence Force Goes Shopping

by Michael Liam Kedzlie

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