His Excellency Dr Drago Stambuk

Croatian Ambassador to Brazil

stambuk bwHis Excellency Dr Drago Stambuk is the Croatian Ambassador to Brazil, a post he took up earlier this year, after five years as Ambassador to Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Dr Stambuk is a widely published and acclaimed poet, and is now recognized as one of Croatia’s most distinguished men of letters. His writing career began in 1973 and has grown to include more than 35 collections of poetry in Croatian, English, French and Spanish. His work has been included in all relevant anthologies of Croatian contemporary poetry. The ambassador has received numerous literary awards in his native country and abroad, and was the first recipient of Dragutin Tadijanovic Award established in 2008 by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is also a founder and director of the All-Croatian Poetry Festival on the Island of Brac, founded in 1991.

As well as his writing, Dr Stambuk has had two separate careers as both a medical doctor and a diplomat. A graduate of Zagreb University’s Medical School (1974), he went on to specialize in internal medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology at the Clinical Medical Center in Zagreb, before moving to London in 1984 to continue his medical career at both the Royal Free Hospital and St Stephen’s.

Following the independence of Croatia In 1991, he became a diplomat, and has served as the Croatian ambassador to various countries, including India and Egypt, and from 2005 was named as Croatia’s representative in Tokyo. His brief was expanded to include the Republic of Korea in 2006.

The ambassador was a Fellow at Harvard University from 2001 to 2002.

Area(s): Literature, International Affairs

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