IAFOR Journal of Education: Volume 4 – Issue 2

Posted: September 1, 2016
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The IAFOR Journal of Education: Volume 4 – Issue 2 – Summer 2016
Published: September 1, 2016
Editor: Bernard Montoneri, Tamkang University, Taiwan
ISSN: 2187-0594
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It is our great pleasure and honour to introduce Volume 4, Issue 2 of the IAFOR Journal of Education. This issue is a selection of papers submitted directly to our journal as well as studies presented during recent IAFOR conferences on Education. This issue of the journal is dedicated to the late Chairman of IAFOR and lifelong educator, Professor Stuart D. B. Picken.


Identification of Early Predictors of Adult Learners’Academic Performance in Higher Education
Sylvia Chong Nguik Yin

A Comparative Study of Discrimination in Education: The Learning Environment and Behaviours of Students and Teachers in Iran
Mozhgan Ghaffarzadeh

Assessing the Metacognitive Awareness among the Foundation in Engineering Students
Betsy Lee Guat Poh, Kasturi Muthoosamy, Chiang Choon Lai and Ooi Chel Gee

The Link between the Process of Change and Coaching in an Organization – A Case Study
Josephine Jim

Ethics Issues of Digital Contents for Pre-Service Primary Teachers: A Gamification Experience for Self-Assessment with Socrative
Adolfina Pérez Garcias and Victoria I. Marín

Conspicuous Internationalization: Creating an “International Communication Lounge” on a Japanese University Campus
Adam Gyenes

An Analysis of Creative Process Learning in Computer Game Activities Through Player Experiences
Wilawan Inchamnan

Cultivate Mindfulness: A Case Study of Mindful Learning in an English as a Foreign Language Classroom
Yang Wang and Chao Liu

A Study of Comparatively Low Achievement Students’ Bilingualized Dictionary Use and their English Learning
Chen Szu-An

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