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Posted: November 27, 2015
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2015 Dubai Conferences

Sunday, March 8 2015 – Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Conference Themes: “Integrated Practices: Creating Experiences to Enhance Learning” and “Education, Power and Empowerment: Developing Transnational Spaces”

The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Dubai 2015 (IICEDubai2015) and the The IAFOR International Conference on Language Learning – Dubai 2015 (IICLLDubai2015) were held concurrently at the Dubai Festival City Event Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 8, through to March 10, 2015. Over the last 30 years Dubai has emerged from being a back-water town on the Arabian Sea into one of the great global business, education and visitor centres. As a place to hold a conference event it offered many attributes to our delegates, from camel trekking in the Arabian Desert through to taking an elevator to the 148th floor of the 830-meter Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, for incredible city skyline, ocean and desert views.

Dr Christine Coombe Dubai
Dr Christine Coombe gives her Keynote Presentation

Over 150 delegates gathered under two key themes of the joint conference. The IICLLDubai2015 Theme: “Integrated Practices: Creating Experiences to Enhance Learning” and the IICEDubai2015 Theme: “Education, Power and Empowerment: Developing Transnational Spaces”. The interdisciplinary nature of the event meant that valuable collaborative discussion between both disciplines was facilitated. Conversation covered the gathered educators’ experiences, ideas and knowledge, enabling delegates the opportunity to develop and evolve teaching practice and theory.

Prof Stuart Picken
Professor Stuart Picken speaks to delegates at the Welcome Reception

For our inaugural conference in the Middle East we presented a number of international Featured and Keynote Speakers. IAFOR would like to thank, Dr. Christine Coombe, IICEDubai2015 Keynote Speaker, Dubai Men’s College, United Arab Emirates, Dr. Cindy Gunn, IICEDubai2015 Keynote Speaker, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Professor Said M. Faiq
IICE/IICLLDubai2015 Featured Speaker, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Professor Marcel Lebrun, IICE/IICLLDubai2015 Featured Speaker, Plymouth State University, USA, Dr. Patrick Dougherty, IICE/IICLLDubai2015 Featured Speaker, Akita International University, Japan and Dr. Sarah Louisa Birchley, IICE/IICLLDubai2015, Spotlight Speaker, Toyo Gakuen University, Japan.

Delegates enjoy a lunch break

Thanks need to be given to Professor Stuart Picken, Chairman of the IAFOR IAB and our International Programme Directors, Professor Sue Jackson, (International Director of Programme: Education) of Birkbeck, University of London, UK, and Professor Steve Cornwell, (International Director of Programme: Language Learning) of Osaka Women’s University, Japan, who developed behind the scenes this inaugural conference event. See you again in Dubai for our expanded 2016 conference programme!

Conference Programme


Additional photos from IICE-IICLLDubai2015 can be found here and on our Facebook page.

Information about our 2016 Dubai Conferences is available here.

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