Video: Concerns Over the Indonesian Educational System by Monty Satiadarma

Posted: September 23, 2016
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Dr Satiadarma, Featured Presenter at The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2015 (ACEID2015) in Osaka, Japan, discussed concerns over the Indonesian educational system, focusing on issues of standardised education and a lack of resources. His full abstract is available to read below.

“Universities have limited funds to improve the standard of education. Elementary and high schools face many problems including standardising teacher certification. A lack of textbooks, facilities and teaching tools have always been and continue to be alarming concerns. The issues with education in Indonesia are complex but addressing them is vital for the proper development of society. When teachers do not or cannot deliver quality instruction it has a noticeable and debilitating effect on students. Teachers in Indonesia are often not trained in modern teaching methodology, are not familiar with modern teaching tools and have trouble evaluating student performance. Only a limited number of schools provide training for teachers on new teaching methodologies. Many institutions are not paying enough attention to developing human resources. Instead, these institutions tend to focus their energies on economic and business activities. The Indonesian educational system needs to prioritise the use of technology and employ expert instructors in order to transform the system and provide better educational opportunities for all.”

Dr. Satiadarma is a clinical psychologist who has been teaching psychology at Tarumanagara University since 1994. He was one of the founders of the Department of Psychology at Tarumanagara, as well as the Dean of Psychology, Vice Rector and Rector of the university. He has been a Conference Chair for IAFOR’s Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences (ACP) and has nationally published a number of books. Dr Satiadarma has a particular interest in educational psychology, and in music and art therapy, methods with which he treated survivors of the Indonesian tsunami on behalf of the International Red Cross and the United Nations. He is a board member and area chair of the International Council of Psychology, and a founder and board member of the Asian Psychology Association.

Dr. Satiadarma was a Featured Speaker at The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2015 (ACEID2015) in Osaka, Japan.

Listen to a follow-up interview with Dr Satiadarma on education in Indonesia.

Information on IAFOR Conferences on Education

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