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IAFOR Interviews #17: The Medill Justice Project – Prof Alec Klein

Prof. Alec Klein of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University sits down for an interview to discuss the Medill Justice Project.

Since 1999 the Medill Justice Project, has uncovered revelatory information, influenced legal proceedings and successfully challenged government agencies to abide by the First Amendment. Wrongful convictions aren’t exclusive to the United States; they occur in every country. Recognizing a need for an international community of people and organizations focused on uncovering injustices in the criminal justice system, The Medill Justice Project has built the Journalism Justice Network to foster connections among those who examine law enforcement, the courts and correctional institutions. The Journalism Justice Network embraces the multitude of ideas and approaches the network’s members discuss as each tackles its own investigation related to the universal issues involving miscarriages of justice.

Prof. Klein was a Keynote Speaker at the IAFOR Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2014 (MediAsia2014) in Osaka, Japan.

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