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Director: Professor Stuart D. B. Picken OST, IAFOR

Senior Adviser: Professor Arthur Stockwin OBE ORS, University of Oxford



About the IJRI


The IAFOR Japan Research Institute (IJRI) is a politically independent research institute, with its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. It encourages research in all fields relating to Japan’s domestic and international affairs, but with the following objectives:

  1. To provide current and accurate information about developments in Japan that have international significance
  2. To explain the importance of Japan in both in Asian and global terms through dialog in the English language
  3. To promote the better understanding of Japan’s business, history, culture, society, and values among Asian and western nations
  4. To promote the understanding of the role of the Kansai region historically and in the present as a major engine of growth within the Japanese economy
  5. To produce high quality original research and reference documents that will assist in the promotion of the Institute’s objectives
  6. To disseminate the research results to the wider public beyond the academic community
  7. To provide when commissioned to do so, specialized reports for companies interested in establishing links within Japan or Japanese companies looking for links abroad.

The IJRI is committed to nurturing and directing research through IAFOR’s individual and institutional partnerships, and to ensuring the provision of appropriate platforms for the publication, presentation and promotion of important original scholarship through IAFOR conferences, publications and the Global Partnership Alliance.

The IJRI is actively engaged in research, consulting, and policy formation facilitated by the extensive links of the International Academic Forum.

Professor Stuart Picken was invited to attend the special reception held at the Japanese Embassy to London in 2012, where he was personally thanked by His Imperial Highness for his work raising recovery funds after the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011.
IAFOR IAB Chair and IJRI Director, Professor Stuart Picken was invited to attend a special reception held at the Japanese Embassy in London in 2012 on the occasion of the state visit of the Emperor and Empress of Japan, where Dr Picken was personally thanked by His Imperial Highness for his work raising recovery funds after the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011.



Organizational Structure


The Institute consists of invited groups of experts who are members of Iafor.  It asks them to look at current and future issues, and to share their resources in order to focus on problems, their analysis, and possible answers or solutions.

These invited groups become the working research teams that are the basic units of the Institute. They report to the Director about their ongoing work, research methods employed, short and long-term goals, and on how the results of the research can best be reported and used. The teams are dedicated to research parameters agreed either the needs and requests of clients, or by the Institute itself.

Research that is not specifically commissioned is made public on the website or through the relevant Iafor publications. The Research Institute also produces a monthly bulletin of cuttings and information about Japan and Japanese international relations and important corporate activities.





Stockwin Keynote cover

New Directions in Japan under the Abe Government: Constitution, Defence and Nationalism

J.A.A. Stockwin

Emeritus Fellow and Founding Director of the Nissan Institute for Japanese Studies, The University of Oxford

J.A.A. Stockwin presented this keynote address at The European Conference on Politics, Economics and Law (ECPEL) 2014, in association with the IAFOR Japan Research Institute, in Brighton, United Kingdom on July 4, 2014.

Read this keynote address.

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