The IAFOR Academic Review | Volume 1 | Issue 6

Posted: April 1, 2015
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The IAFOR Academic Review | Volume 1 | Issue 6

Editorial Committee Introduction

One of the central missions of The International Academic Forum is to provide avenues for academics and researchers to be international, intercultural and interdisciplinary. One of the ways in which we do this is through our in-house magazine Eye, our various conference proceedings, our Journals, and now beginning in the first half of 2015 our special editions of the IAFOR International Academic Review. In this the sixth issue of the IAFOR International Academic Review we the editorial committee bring together a selection of the most interesting contributions from our recent Asian Conferences on Literature with a special emphasis on modern classics from the 20th century.

In the first paper of the five selected authors for this modern classics edition, Nigel Foxcroft investigates the evolution of the cosmic consciousness of the English Modernist novelist and poet, Malcolm Lowry (1909-57) by scrutinizing the psychogeographic and subconscious dimensions of the Mexican Day of the Dead Hispanic festival. The second paper presented in this edition by Lufti Hamadi of Lebanon, sheds light on the role the French author and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir has played in the development of women’s movement in general and feminist intellectual achievements in particular through her long and influential body of work. American based Russian academic Loretta Visomirskis examines the loneliness of human existence, an overriding theme in literature and drama of the 20th century. She explores this emotion through the plays of Chekhov, Harold Pinter and Edward Bond. In her paper Taiwanese author Pin-Fen Huang in reveals the conflict between the traditional conception of gender through the Joycean characters of characters Stephen Dedalus and Molly Bloom. And finally Andreas Pichler’s paper sheds light upon the importance of space in modernist literature as it captures a writers visual impressions of the world around them. In particular he examines the viewing of modernist early 20th Century London through the eyes of Japanese writer Natsume Sōseki and English writer Virginia Woolf, postulating the question how does London look like when perceived from different cultural backgrounds, and written in substantially different languages?

The five papers selected by the editorial committee for this special edition certainly reflect the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary approach that lies at the heart of both IAFOR and the study of the modern literature classics. We trust you will enjoy reading them.

Michael Liam Kedzlie
Editorial Committee
The IAFOR Academic Review

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