The IAFOR Academic Review | Volume 2 | Issue 1

Posted: January 5, 2016
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The IAFOR Academic Review Volume 1 Issue 2 Cover

The IAFOR Academic Review | Volume 2 | Issue 1

Editorial Committee Introduction

Welcome to Volume 2 Issue 1 of The IAFOR Academic Review. One of the central missions of The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) is to provide avenues for academics and researchers to be international, intercultural and interdisciplinary. One of the ways in which we do this is through our in-house publication, Eye Magazine, our various conference proceedings, our Journals, and now beginning in 2015, our special editions of The IAFOR Academic Review. In this edition we, the editorial committee, bring together a selection of the most interesting contributions from our conferences with respect to the discussion of Learning and Education. In many educational settings and contexts throughout the world, there remains an assumption that teachers are the possessors of knowledge, which is to be imparted to students, and that this happens in neutral, impartial and objective ways. However, learning is about making meaning, and learners can experience the same teaching in very different ways. Students (as well as educators) are part of complex social, cultural, political, ideological and personal circumstances, and current experiences of learning will depend in part on previous ones, as well as on age, gender, social class, culture, ethnicity, varying abilities and more. The papers selected by the editorial committee for this special edition certainly reflect the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary approach that lies at the heart of both IAFOR and the global goals of education that we both work and live in as career academics.

Michael Liam Kedzlie
Editorial Committee
The IAFOR Academic Review


Emerging into a Different Way of Becoming and Belonging: A School’s Journey in ‘Living and Sustaining’ Transformative Pedagogy: A Case Study of a New Zealand Primary School
By Jane Cavanagh-Eyre

Can Computer Science Students Do Without the Desktop?
By Dave Towey & Tianchong Wang

Education after the Arab Spring: Alternative Philosophy to Develop Awareness Towards the “Other”
By Heyam Loutfi ElZein

Re-evaluating the Relationship between Millennial Students, their Parents, and Professors When Teaching a Study-Abroad Course: Searching for More Success
By J. McClanahan

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Continuing Accountability Discourse in Education
By Yvonne Masters

Transcending Teacher Professional Development: From Determinism to Complexity
By Abdul Rahman, Garry Hoban & Wendy Nielsen


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