Thomas G Endres: Media and Mass Communication Education – A School’s-Eye View

Posted: July 31, 2013
Category: Keynotes, Research

“Media and Mass Communication Education: A School’s-Eye View”
Professor Thomas G Endres
MediAsia 2012 – Keynote Address


MediAsia 2012 – Keynote Address


Professor Thomas G Endres
Director of the School of Communicaton
University of Northern Colorado, USA

Extract: “A couple of months ago, I was hiking on Baldy Mountain just outside of Breckenridge, Colorado. At 11,234 feet (more than 3,400 meters) above sea level, I reached an old sawmill. I stopped for a rest and took a picture of the mill with my cell phone. Here I was, near the top of the world. Close to the altitude where airplane pilots require oxygen or pressurized cabins. And, because I had satellite reception, I posted the picture immediately to Facebook. As I was hiking back down the mountain, I could hear my phone beep and buzz as friends commented on and liked the picture.

We hear about and read about how social networking and the internet has changed the way we share information, but it doesn’t really hit home until you are standing alone on top of a mountain while simultaneously – and virtually – being surrounded by others.”

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