Announcing Terry Small as Featured Presenter at ACE2020

Canada's leading learning skills specialist, Terry Small, has been announced as a Featured Presenter at The 12th Asian Conference on Education (ACE2020), where he will give an interactive workshop, titled: “Healthy Brain, Resilient Mind – 5 Steps to a Calmer, Sharper, Happier You!”.

Terry Small, BEd, MA, is a master teacher and Canada's leading learning skills specialist. He is the author of the Brain Bulletin with over 34,000 subscribers worldwide.

Terry has presented on the brain for over 33 years to organizations around the world. His knowledge, warmth, humour and dynamic presentation style have made him a much sought-after speaker at workshops and conferences. Terry often appears on TV, radio, and in the press. He recently appeared on BCTV, Global, CKNW, and Student Success. He has presented his ideas to over 266,000 people in 23 countries on 5 continents.

His clients include IBM, TEDx, Ford, IMD, JTI, UBS, Hitachi, Bayer, Bosch, CRA, RCMP, Telus, and many schools and universities. His presentations are engaging, humorous, practical, and all based on the latest brain science.

Terry believes, "Anyone can learn how to learn easier, better, faster, and that learning to learn is the most important skill a person can acquire." Terry's wealth of teaching experience and extensive involvement in applied neuroscience make him an outstanding resource of the business and educational communities. He resides in Vancouver, Canada, where he is a frequent lecturer at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.

Workshop Introduction

We've all felt anxious and stressed at some point in our lives. Especially these days. Brain science underscores how important mindset, resilience, and a healthy lifestyle is in dealing with change and disruption at work, and in life. This session will give you the tools, and strategies to respond to current life challenges, and prepare for an ever changing future.

Based on the latest cutting-edge neuroscience research, you will learn:

  • the #1 job of your brain;
  • how to take optimal care of what's between your ears;
  • how to eat right to think right, and age better;
  • the top 20 super-smart foods;
  • how to prevent brain shrinkage;
  • superstar beverages for your brain;
  • how to get rid of negative thoughts to experience more joy, energy & resilience;
  • why mental health matters a lot more than we think;
  • 6 smart facts you must know!
  • how to make your "brain garden" flourish;
  • the 5 things every brain must have, and much more!

What makes Terry's sessions different?

They offer science, wisdom, and practical strategies. Things you can use right away! His presentations are humorous, engaging and all based on the latest brain science. They are packed with tips and strategies to improve your greatest asset......your brain!

Live-stream Times

Friday, October 30, 12:45 - 13:45 (Tokyo, Japan Time UTC+9)
Thursday, October 29, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm (Eastern Daylight Time – EDT)

Connect with Terry Small

Visit Terry Small’s website to sign up for Free Brain Bulletin (email addresses are never shared with 3rd parties).

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