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Embracing Difference by Design: Virtues and Vices

In this Keynote Presentation from ACAH/ACSS2020, Professor Bruce Brown of the Royal College of Art, UK, speaks on “Embracing Difference by Design: Virtues and Vices”.

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ACAS2020 Design and Democracy Panel Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Design and Democracy

In this IAFOR/Konrad Adenauer Foundation co-organised presentation, panellists Bruce Brown (Royal College of Art, UK), Saito Nagayuki (International Professional University of Technology, Japan), and Ryuji Yamazaki-Skov (Osaka University, Japan), talk about the intersection of design and democracy from their respective backgrounds.

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Professor Gaurav Desai

Precarious Futures, Precarious Pasts: Migritude and Planetarity

In this talk, Professor Gaurav Desai aims to think through “the figure of the migrant not just as someone who moves from one sociopolitical context – village, town, city, nation – to another, but to think through migrant experiences as they relate to larger planetary concerns.”

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The Psychology of Kawaii Professor Hiroshi Nittono Osaka University

Beyond Cuteness: An Emerging Field of the Psychology of “Kawaii”

“Kawaii” is often translated as “cute” in English, but the nuances and connotations of the two words seem to be different. In this presentation, Professor Hiroshi Nittono of Osaka University discusses which aspects of kawaii are unique to Japanese culture and which aspects seem to be universal to all humans.

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The Great Wall Story – The Way I Have Discovered It

“By reviewing a series of personal Great Wall explorations… I will show how diverse, personal, unconventional – and “foreign” – approaches have made significant contributions to the surprisingly narrow, Sino-centric and limited corpus of Great Wall knowledge, as well as popular understanding.”

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Dr Simon Sleight King's College London

Memory and the Modern City

Densely populated, cities are also thickly inhabited by memories. This lecture explores the processes by which some aspects of the past are physically or emotionally inscribed into the built landscape, while others are overlooked or forgotten.

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Testimonies of Light: Photography, Witnessing and History

In his Keynote Presentation at ECAH2017, Dr Paul Lowe from the University of the Arts London discusses how the photographic image has engaged with the historical moment, from its inception in the mid nineteenth century to the present day.

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Children’s Rights Human Rights Professor Amanda Third

Child Rights, Digital Issues and Cyber Safety

Professor Baden Offord of Curtin University and Professor Amanda Third of the University of Western Sydney discuss the impact new technologies are having on children’s rights.

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Dr Angela Wong Wai Ching Hong Kong Resistance Movement

From Minzhong (民眾) to Juzhong (聚眾) – The Rise of the Multitude in Resistance

Dr Angela Wong Wai Ching explores the possibilities of conception and re-conception of the multitude as a resistant force in late capitalist societies like Hong Kong.

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The Internet Human Rights Professor Gerard Goggin

The Internet – History, Human Rights & Potential

Professor Donald E. Hall talks to Professor Gerard Goggin about his research on the internet, how it has become an instrumental part of human rights, and the discussion surrounding it.

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IAFOR International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary

IAFOR – International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) brings together influential academics and decision-makers from around the globe who have one thing in common: a desire to make a difference.

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Professor John Nguyet Erni Cultural Studies Human Rights

Convergence or Collision – Human Rights with or without Cultural Studies

Professor John Erni considers the conditions of possibility for overcoming the apparent non-correspondence between critical cultural humanism and rights, or between culture and law.

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Professor Donald E. Hall Interdisciplinary Education Lehigh University, USA

Interdisciplinary Education as Our Best Hope for the Future

Donald E. Hall explains the essential need for interdisciplinary education in the liberal arts and sciences – especially as informed by the humanities, the social sciences, the visual and performing arts and cultural studies.

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Lord Charles Bruce Japan Society of Scotland

In Between The Occident and The Orient

“By appropriating and re-contextualising traditional art forms gathered from other places, they were able to reinterpret their own cultural identity and thereby make a profound impact on their national consciousness.” Lord Charles Bruce reflects on the encounters of Europeans and Asians during the colonial period.

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Professor Baden Offord Cultural Studies Human Rights Southeast Asia

Through the Looking Glass: Home, the World and the Anthropocene

Professor Baden Offord draws on his cultural studies and human rights research to explore the compelling question of co-existence in the Anthropocene.

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Professor Hsiao-Chuan Hsia. Professor and Director at the Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies, Shih Hsin University, Taipei

Gender, Citizenship and Empowerment of Marriage Migrants in East Asia

Professor Hsiao-Chuan Hsia of the Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies at Shih Hsin University in Taiwan discusses Gender, Citizenship and Empowerment of Marriage Migrants in East Asia at The Asian Conference on Asian Studies 2014.

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On the Predicament of the Borderland Imagination by Professor Koichi Iwabuchi

On the Predicament of the Borderland Imagination

“It has been much discussed that the intricate process of globalisation brings about contradictory consequences.” Professor Koichi Iwabuchi discusses the Predicament of the Borderland Imagination in his Keynote Presentation at The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2014.

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The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) and Interdisciplinarity

IAFOR & Interdisciplinarity

Learn how IAFOR’s conferences and publications encourage interdisciplinary activity and its expansion in academia.

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Professor Baden Offord IAFOR

Cultural Studies as Activist Scholarship

Internationally recognised specialist in human rights, sexuality and culture, Professor Baden Offord, speaks with IAFOR Executive Director, Dr Joseph Haldane, about Cultural Studies as a discipline, its strengths and effects.

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Queer Studies and Interdisciplinary Education with Donald E. Hal

Queer Studies and Interdisciplinary Education

Professor Donald E. Hall of LeHigh University, USA, discusses the origins of Queer Studies, growing up in the deep south, and The Routledge Queer Studies Reader with IAFOR Executive Director, Dr Joseph Haldane.

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Bill Ashcroft The Empire Writes Back

Revolution, Transformation and Utopia: the Function of Literature

Bill Ashcroft discusses the function of literature in the twentieth century, and argues that literature, far more than the language of politics, has the capacity to speak to power by speaking beyond it.

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IAFOR Conference Highlights

Why join an IAFOR conference?

A look into the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary world of an IAFOR conference and why you should attend. Featuring footage shot at our conferences and interviews with leading academics.