Dr Sachio Semmoto, Chairman of RENOVA, Inc., to give Keynote at GIVS-Tokyo

Dr Sachio Semmoto

GIVS-Tokyo2018 Keynote Speaker

Chairman of RENOVA, Inc., Japan

IAFOR is delighted to announce that Dr Sachio Semmoto, Chairman of RENOVA, Inc., will give a Keynote Presentation at The IAFOR Global Innovation & Value Summit 2018 in Tokyo next month.

RENOVA is an independent renewable energy developer and power producer, which owns and operates solar PV, biomass, wind, and geothermal power plants across Japan.

Dr Semmoto joined RENOVA as an External Board Member in 2014, becoming Chairman in 2015. Prior to RENOVA, he founded four leading telecom companies including KDDI and eAccess. He has served on a number of boards internationally, including NetApp, Inc. (USA), and Reuters (UK), the world's leading international news agency.

Dr Semmoto has also been a full professor at Keio University, and a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California, Berkeley. He holds a BS in Engineering from Kyoto University and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Florida. Dr Semmoto is an IEEE Fellow and a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Science.

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