Dr Shahrokh (Sharo) Shafaie**


Dr Sharo Shafaie is a professor of Child Development at the Southeast Missouri State University, in the College of Health & Human Services. He has a doctoral degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma, and holds a BS degree in Guidance & Counseling. He has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in several areas including Education, Psychology, Human Development, Human Services, and Child Development, Family Studies programs.

Dr Shafaie has received and managed substantial number of grants to fund research projects as well as several educational and clinical outreach projects to offer intervention services for teachers and families of young children with special needs and developmental delays in the Southeast Missouri region. Currently, he serves as the Administrative Coordinator of the Child Development Associate Certificate (CDA) and Workshop On Wheels training (WOW) programs. The program covers 23 counties at the Southeast Missouri region and is designed to offer educational technical assistance and professional development training to early childhood educators to improve quality of the curriculum in their classrooms.

Moreover, Dr Shafaie is a licensed board certified psychotherapist and serves as a mental health consultant to parents, teachers, and mental health agencies. His primary research interests have been in the area of early social interaction, parenting issues and topics related to cognitive and psychosocial development of children, and he has presented his research findings in many national and international conferences. Dr. Shafaie’s recent research interests are in the areas fatherhood, “at-risk” children and families, and contributions of parent-child relationship in the child’s development, mental health, and educational achievements. He has been a referee for numerous national and international conferences and as has served on the editorial board of several professional journals.

**Dr Shahrokh Shafaie is one of the editors of the IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences.

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