IAFOR Journal of Education: Language Learning in Education Issue – Volume 9 Issue 3 – Call for Papers

About the issue

As the call goes out for submissions to our next Language Learning in Education issue the world is still in the grips of a pandemic: a situation that this time last year we thought would be over by now. Education has faced new challenges and opportunities and language learning has had to find new ways for students to acquire new language skills. While this is probably at the forefront of everyone’s minds, this is not the only issue that should be considered as a submission.

What might be included?

The journal is open to a variety of topics. Some topics of interest may include:

    • Adult language learners
    • Characteristics of the most effective professional development for both preservice and inservice teachers and administrators
    • Cross-cultural aspects of language learning
    • Cross-cultural communication
    • Curriculum and/or programme development for language learning
    • Differentiated instruction for those engaged in language learning
    • Innovation in educating diverse populations
    • Language learning and assessment
    • Reflective language teaching and learning
    • Social issues in language learning
    • Strategies for supporting the native language
    • The role of the heritage language and culture in second language acquisition
    • Using music and art to enhance academic achievement

The Language Learning in Education Issue will continue to accept submissions with specific focus on language learning among newcomers from harsh places, including refugees. In addition to the themes stated above, research that delves more deeply into the new methodologies in a time of crisis is invited. Such an exploration requires a closer look not only at the mechanics of language learning, but also at the affective domain and affective factors that influence the language learning process. What are the unique issues and challenges of language learning for those who no longer have the capacity for face-to-face language learning?

Maintaining the rigour of the journal

While the topics may have wide scope, authors are reminded to abide by the usual guidelines in terms of format, word length and referencing (https://iafor.org/journal/iafor-journal-of-education/author-guidelines/). Your submission is an academic paper and should be written in academic language, and should not contain plagiarism. Please use the journal template available on the website.

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