“Independence & Interdependence” ECSS/ECSEE2019 Photo Report

The Sixth European Conferences on the Social Sciences (ECSS2019) and Sustainability, Energy & the Environment (ECSEE2019) had as their theme, "Independence & Interdependence". Above left: Dr Tom Houghton of Curtin University (Australia), gave an engaging presentation on the realities of climate change, renewable energy, and the disadvantaged position of the world’s poor in his Keynote “Ensuring Equality from the ‘Low Carbon Dividend’”. He interestingly noted that while it is the world’s poorest who are suffering the most in the face of climate change, they are also the ones with the least access to renewable sources of energy. Above right: Professor David James Cantor, Director of the Refugee Law Initiative at the University of London (UK), discussed why refugees need special protections, how refugees are defined in international law, and why the distinctions between refugees and other migrants are important in his Keynote Presentation titled, “Why Do We Protect Refugees?”.

Above: ECSS/ECSEE2019 Poster Presentations on the Library Terrace of the Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront Hotel.

ECSS/ECSEE2019 Conference Programme and Abstract Book

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