International Education

In this interview Dr Haldane and Dr Hope discuss the importance of international education and how, with proper care and attention, it can help change the world.

Dr John Hope, Associate Dean (International Programmes), at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland, speaks with Dr Joseph Haldane, PResident & CEO of IAFOR, at The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom (ACTC2014). Dr Hope is a passionate researcher and is particularly interested in issues pertaining to international education.

Dr John Hope

John Hope is the Associate Dean (International Programmes), at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland, New Zealand and is a highly regarded and respected leader within the education profession. Dr Hope’s career in education has spanned over 4 decades, working initially as a primary school teacher then rising quickly through the teaching profession to become a principal of the largest metropolitan primary school in New Zealand. John was then selected to be an Inspector of Schools before moving into a senior curriculum writing and development role. John then embarked on an academic career at the University of Auckland. Since joining the Education faculty at Auckland, John has been a Lecturer, Program Director of Primary Teacher Training, and then Principal Centre Director. In his current role as Associate Dean International Programmes for the Faculty of Education, John Hope frequently travels throughout the University world, building academic alliances and establishing partnerships with a particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region and with other member universities of the global Universitas 21 group. John is passionate about quantitative and mixed method research with a particular interest in issues pertaining to international education, gifted education, educational leadership and of course has had lengthy experience within teaching, researching and leading ICT in Education.

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