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As an education journal, the IAFOR Journal of Education (JoE) encourages interdisciplinary research where the primary focus is on addressing critical issues and current trends in education. This would include exploring significant themes, exceptional programs and promising practice in the field of education and educational policy. The anticipated audience is preservice and inservice teachers and administrators, university faculty and students, education policy makers, and others interested in educational research.

JoE is an internationally reviewed and editorially independent interdisciplinary journal associated with IAFOR’s international conferences on education. Submissions are open to everyone and all papers are reviewed equally according to standard peer-review processes. Like all IAFOR journals, it is freely available to read online, and authors are not required to pay submission or publication charges of any sort. The first issue was published in May 2013.

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Recent Issues

Volume 11 – Issue 2 – Technology in Education. Published August 26, 2023

Volume 11 – Issue 1 – Language Learning in Education. Published March 31, 2023

Volume 10 – Issue 3 – Studies in Education. Published December 4, 2022

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(The Publication Timeline for 2024 will be posted in September 2023.)

JoE 2023 Publication Timeline

The Publication Timeline for 2023 is as follows:

Volume 11 Issue 1: Language Learning in Education
Published May 31, 2023

Volume 11 Issue 2: Technology in Education
Published August 26, 2023

Volume 11 Issue 3: Studies in Education (subtheme, Student Diversity)
Submissions opened: Monday June 26, 2023
Submissions closed: Friday July 14 (9am JST), 2023
Target publication date: Friday December 8, 2023

The Studies in Education issue encourages exploration of significant themes, exceptional programs and promising practice in fields including, but not exclusive to, early childhood, primary and secondary education, higher education, assessment, educational leadership and policy, and sustainable education. In addition, the Editor encourages submissions in the area of “Student Diversity”.

Student profiles in contemporary education are marked by a range of diversity markers. Educators who wish to appropriately accommodate for students with these diverse profiles, should become familiar with adapting and adjusting their learning and teaching programs. These adaptations and adjustments are likely to create more sensitive learning environments that are understanding of student needs.

In exploring these sensitive learning environments for contemporary education, this issue invites manuscripts from stakeholders who embrace a more inclusive model of education. Developments regarding curriculum adaptation, compassionate learning communities and programs that are responsive to student profiles, are set to transform the educational landscape.

This issue of Studies in Education invites submissions relating to:

  • Decolonising the curriculum
  • Inclusive education that is accommodating of a range of diversity markers
  • Education that is sensitive to and respectful of student diversity
  • Intersectionality and its relationship to contemporary learning

The issue will focus on empirical and conceptual research that positions educators to better serve learners with diverse profiles. Academic submissions should spotlight the implications of the study, which will be valuable to both researchers and practitioners.

Please note:

  • Once an article has been rejected, an author cannot resubmit either an amendment to this article or another article for this issue of the journal.
  • We will only accept one submission from any author in a particular issue and no more than two submissions, in different issues, over the course of a year. This includes both individual and shared authorship. If you submit as an individual you may not be a shared author on another submission, and vice versa. Also, if you have had a submission rejected you cannot be an author on another paper for that same issue.
Journal Acceptance Rates 2023
10.2% Acceptance
4.3% Acceptance
Volume 10 Issue 3: Studies in Education
Target publication date: Friday December 8, 2023

IAFOR Commitment

IAFOR believes in “Open Access” publishing, and since 2009, has been committed to maintaining an online searchable research archive that offers free access to anyone, anywhere, where there is Internet access, regardless of institutional affiliation or scholarly rank. IAFOR publications are accessible on the website (Open Access) to researchers all over the world, completely free of charge and without delay or embargo. Authors and contributors are not required to pay charges of any sort towards the publication of IAFOR journals.

License and Copyright Statement

Abstracts, research papers, and video footage are published under an IAFOR user license and are protected by copyright. Users may access, download, copy, translate, text and data mine, redistribute, display or adapt the articles for non-commercial purposes provided that users follow the guidelines set out in the IAFOR User License.

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