Using Educational Digital Storytelling to Enhance Multilingual Students’ Writing Skills in Higher Education


Author: Eleni Meletiadou, London Metropolitan University, UK
Published: August 27, 2022

Citation: Meletiadou, E. (2022). Using Educational Digital Storytelling to Enhance Multilingual Students’ Writing Skills in Higher Education. IAFOR Journal of Education, 10(2).


Educational Digital Storytelling (EDS) is a powerful technology-enhanced learning approach that enables learners to develop 21st century skills. Students often complain about their digital illiteracy, academic writing challenges, and lack of interaction in classes. In the current case study, 50 multilingual and multicultural ESL student-teachers were involved in the creation of digital stories in an undergraduate module. Students used Canva to create their own digital stories which included text, images, videos, podcasts, and infographics. The overall aim was to improve their academic performance and motivation towards learning, and explore their attitudes towards this new dynamic learning-oriented instructional strategy. The current semi-experimental study tried to challenge monolingual bias and promote a more integrated and inclusive approach to learning as both efficient and desirable in preparing university students for constructive involvement with various cultural perspectives promoting the creation of global networks. Findings from both quantitative (paired and independent samples t-tests of test scores) and qualitative (anonymous feedback, lecturer observations and focus group discussions) data analyses indicated that learners improved their writing performance, critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and intercultural awareness. Students stated that they felt proud of their final products (digital stories) and that the EDS intervention was rewarding. However, some non-traditional students reported facing challenges with the use of technology. Learners expressed their wish to experiment more with digital stories and use them in other modules. Implications for teaching and learning practices in the Higher Education academic environment and suggestions for the successful implementation of EDS at the tertiary level are provided.


educational digital storytelling, digital skills, writing performance, motivation, multilingualism, undergraduate students