Educational e-Portfolio Overview: Aspiring for the Future by Building on the Past


Peng Zhang, Stamford American School, Hong Kong SAR
Gemma Tur, University of the Balearic Islands, Spain
Published: December 4, 2022

Citation: Zhang, P., & Tur, G. (2022). Educational e-Portfolio Overview: Aspiring for the Future by Building on the Past. IAFOR Journal of Education10(3).


Education institutions are rethinking their approaches as the world adjusts to a new normal after the pandemic. The e-Portfolio, an emerging tool in education that suits the current context, was reviewed in the study to aspire for better future implementation. Numerous studies have broadly investigated e-portfolios’ use in teaching, learning, or assessment. It has risen to prominence, becoming commonplace. To narrow down the considerable volume of research, develop new knowledge, and detect gaps in the existing literature, this study conducted a systematic review of existing literature on e-portfolio use in education. This approach synthesises secondary publications during the past decade. A keyword search of e-portfolio and reviews yielded 812 review papers. These articles were examined further to determine whether they met the predetermined criteria, and 12 review articles were identified. It was discovered that if successfully implemented, e-portfolios have promising benefits. Nevertheless, the implementation of e-portfolios also faces specific challenges. This article also synthesised the participants’ perceptions of their e-portfolio experience. The focus of the paper is to offer implementation suggestions for practitioners. The diversity of technological e-portfolio platforms and related pedagogical frameworks were also discussed to inspire future implementation. Conclusions in this research advocate further longitudinal research into the pedagogical design of e-portfolio implementation.


educational technology, e-portfolio, research synthesis, systematic review