Editor: Dr Melinda Cowart

Dr Melinda Cowart is Professor of Bilingual/ESL Teacher Education at the College of Professional Education, Texas Woman’s University (TWU).

Dr Cowart has considerable teaching, mentoring, and editorial experience, and her past professional career in education has been dedicated to exploring how to provide excellence and equity for all, including those who are linguistically, ethnically, or academically diverse. Prior to entering academia on a full-time basis, Dr Cowart taught in bilingual and ESL classrooms. She has far-reaching experience with university school partnerships, having coordinated the University of North Texas Professional Development Schools within the Dallas Independent School District for 13 years.

In her capacity as Professor of Bilingual/ESL Education at TWU, Dr Cowart has worked with faculty and students from universities and schools around the world, and championed research and writing regarding the best approaches for educating and providing leadership when addressing the unique needs of second language learners.

Since 2005, Dr Cowart has served as Managing Editor and then Series Editor of the monographic series, Critical Issues in the Education of English Language Learners. In 12 years, while mentoring faculty and guiding international students, she has edited nine completed monographs with the tenth monograph being assembled at this time.

She and her husband, Mr Ron Cowart, have worked extensively with refugee youth and adults, having been recognised for their service by former Texas Governor George W. Bush, and Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton. In 2015, Dr Cowart was selected to participate in the nationally recognised OpEd Project as a Public Voices Fellow.

Email: editor.joll@iafor.org

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