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Editor: Dr Richard Donovan

Kansai University, Japan

Richard Donovan is an Associate Professor in comparative literature and translation studies in the Faculty of Letters at Kansai University, Japan. He has also worked as a translator at the Kyoto City International Relations Office. He obtained a PhD in literary translation studies at Victoria University of Wellington in 2012. The title of his thesis was Dances with Words: Issues in the Translation of Japanese Literature into English. His other areas of interest include Japanese media subculture and science fiction.

Contact: ijl@iafor.org

Editorial Board

Dr Myles Chilton
Nihon University, Japan
Dr Steve Clark
Tokyo University, Japan
Dr Megan Evans
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Dr Luo Hui
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Dr A. Robert Lee
Nihon University, Japan (retd.)
Dr Mark Williams
International Christian University, Japan