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Volume 12 Issue 1 – Themed Issue: World Fairy Tales and Folklore

Submissions open: Wednesday January 4, 2023
Submissions close:
Friday February 1 (9am JST), 2023

Please note: This is NOT an Education Journal. Only manuscripts that fit the Scope of Literature and Librarianship will be considered for review. Please visit the IAFOR Journal of Education to submit papers in the field of education.
Our Plagiarism Policy
Every paper submitted to the journal is checked with iThenticate plagiarism screening software.

What is Plagiarism? – See here for the Complete Guide [eBook]

Where plagiarism is detected, the submitted manuscript is returned to the author and no further submission is allowed for that issue of the journal. These standards are non-negotiable and strictly enforced by the editors of the IAFOR Journal of Literature & Librarianship.

  • We will only accept one submission from any author in a particular issue and no more than two submissions, in different issues, over the course of a year. This includes both individual and shared authorship. If you submit as an individual you may not be a shared author on another submission, and vice versa. Also, if you have had a submission rejected you cannot be an author on another paper for that same issue.