X-Raying the Million-Point Agenda of the Nigerian Government by Library and Information Professionals in the Country


Ogagaoghene Uzezi Idhalama, Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria
Angela Ishioma Dime, Niger Delta University, Nigeria
Kingsley Efe Osawaru, College of Education Library, Nigeria
Email: idhalamao@gmail.com
Published: December 15, 2021

Citation: Idhalama, O. U., Dime, A. I., & Osawaru, K. E. (2021). X-Raying the Million-Point Agenda of the Nigerian Government by Library and Information Professionals in the Country. IAFOR Journal of Literature & Librarianship, 10(2). https://doi.org/10.22492/ijl.10.2.06


This study investigated X-raying the million-point agenda of Nigerian government by library and information professionals in the country. Six objectives were formulated to guide the study. A descriptive survey research design was adopted using the online Google Form to collect data/responses from the library and information science (LIS) professionals in Nigeria. The population of the study comprised LIS professionals in all the states in Nigeria. The sampling technique used for the study was the total enumeration sampling technique (120) as the whole responses were used for the analysis using tables, frequencies percentages, mean and standard deviation for easy appreciation and comprehension. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23 was also deployed and it was found out that there appears to be some high level of corrupt practices in the country, Nigeria, insecurity as of today remains on the high side which is not only worrisome but disturbingly a threat to too many households. Respondents have rated the economy to be at its lowest ebb as the majority of the citizens now wallow in poverty and agony, education standard is quite low in the country, there are deliberate steps to take in order to save Nigerian country from war and disintegration. To this very end, the well-informed class including library and information professionals should deliberately rise up to their duty by not just studying the current situation but also proffer recommendations and solutions to disturbing problems; hence recommendations are all Nigerians, irrespective of position or social, status must resolve to live a corrupt-free life; Government and all security agencies must be on the alert and, if possible, request international assistance; economic policies must be reviewed as a matter of urgency in Nigeria; education must be made easily accessible and funds made adequately available for educational institutions at all levels as prescribed by UNESCO; library and information professionals should continue to put government officials on their toes by regularly exposing their inadequacies to the citizens amongst others.


corrupt-free country, corruption in Nigeria, governance, librarians and government, LIS professionals, librarians’ role, national development