On Using Machinima as “Found” in Animation Production


Author: Jifeng Huang, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Published: June 2016

Citation: Huang, J. (2016). On Using Machinima as “Found” in Animation Production. IAFOR Journal of Media, Communication & Film, 3(1). https://doi.org/10.22492/ijmcf.3.1.04


Machinima is a relatively new animation production technique that has become popular among independent animators. It is also used by installation artists to create installation artefacts in a digital space. As a form of remix and fandom culture, machinima can be appropriated for the production of readymade and found arts. However, its exact contribution to this art form has not been clearly defined, as the knowledge generated within the machinima community is usually fragmented, incomplete and poorly documented. This article examines machinima production practices and installation art with the aim of determining how machinima components can be considered as “found art” within an animation. The outcome will be of interest to both animators and installation artists who want to use machinima in their works. It also provides a lens for further study of machinima and digital installations that use videogames.


found works, installation art, machinima