Psychological Predictors of Facebook Addiction Tendencies among Filipino Millennials in Metro Manila

Debbie Marie Bais, University of Santo Tomas, the Philippines
Marc Eric S. Reyes, University of Santo Tomas, the Philippines
Published: January 31, 2020

Citation: Bais, D. M., & Reyes, M. E. S. (2019). Psychological Predictors of Facebook Addiction Tendencies among Filipino Millennials in Metro Manila. IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences, 5(2).


With the widespread popularity of social media, particularly Facebook among millennials, this generation may be at risk for developing Facebook Addiction. This study utilized a cross-sectional predictive design to predict the variance of the psychological predictors, in relation to Facebook addiction tendencies among 1,000 Filipino millennials, age ranges from 18-34 years old from different universities and companies within Metro Manila through convenience sampling. Regression analysis was used to determine if Facebook addiction can be predicted by the scores on the measures of depression, self-esteem, Fear of Missing Out (FoMO), social comparison and neuroticism. Results indicated that there is no significant difference in terms of Facebook addiction tendencies between male and female participants. Additionally, Pearson’s correlations revealed that depression and FoMo has significant positive relationship with Facebook addiction tendencies while self-esteem and social comparison showed negative influence with having tendencies towards Facebook addiction. Neuroticism had no significant relationship with Facebook addiction. Regression analysis model delineated that among the psychological predictors, only Depression and FoMO could possibly predict Facebook addiction tendencies. Results suggest that the more depressed the individual is, the more likely they exhibit Facebook addiction tendencies and the higher the individual experiences FoMO, the more likely he develops Facebook addiction.


Facebook addiction, millennials, social media, social networking sites