“Learning Beyond Boundaries” ERI2019 Photo Report

Above left: Professor Barbara Lockee, of Virginia Tech, opened an energetic conference at Virginia Tech with The IAFOR Conference on Educational Research & Innovation (ERI2019). As a key member of the Organising Committee, Professor Lockee led the effort to make this first collaboration with Virginia Tech a success. Above centre: Professor Mark Pegrum delivered a technology-focused Keynote Presentation on the use of new programs and devices to improve access to education. Above right: Dr Rich Ingram of James Madison University captivated the audience with his Keynote Presentation on psychophysiology, even connecting sensors to Professor Pegrum’s head to demonstrate how brain activity can be measured in order to gain insights into how students learn.

Above left: Dr Amy Azano, also of Virginia Tech, added to the theme of improving educational access and outcomes with her Keynote Presentation on the challenges facing rural communities. Above centre: Dr Steve Harmon, associate dean of research at Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), director of educational innovation at the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U), and a professor at the Georgia Tech College of Design, used his Keynote Presentation to show how his university is expanding online opportunities while maintaining the high academic standards for which they are known. Above right: Professor Robert Doyle, associate dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University and former associate dean of Harvard College, discussed the “anatomy of the flipped classroom” during his Keynote Presentation, rounding out an exceptional group of Keynote Speakers.

ERI2019 Conference Programme

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