Now Published: The IAFOR Journal of Language Learning: Volume 4 – Issue 1

IAFOR Journal of Language Learning: Volume 4 – Issue 1
Editor: Dr Melinda Cowart, Texas Woman’s University (TWU), USA
Published: April 27, 2019
ISSN: 2188-9554

Editor's Introduction


Hello readers! Welcome to Volume 4 Issue 1 of the IAFOR Journal of Language Learning, the first edition under my editorship since taking over last year.

The number of second language learners throughout the world continues to grow, reminding educators and researchers engaged in teaching and investigating the multifaceted processes of second language acquisition and language learning that their work is significant and enduring.

Language learners embark on the lengthy journey of acquiring an additional language for manifold reasons, including school requirements and a straightforward desire to add a language to his or her existing linguistic repertoire. Others have fled their home nations in search of safe havens and must learn the language or languages of the new home nation as an important part of acculturation and establishing a new life.

Whatever the motives for learning an additional language may be, the nature of language learning is complex and requires consideration of multiple factors. The mechanics of language and individual languages as well as affective issues such as cultural identity, marginalization, acculturation, assimilation, language shock, language loss, language status, self-esteem when communicating in the new language, and the contexts of exit and reception for the newcomer must be explored if language learning is to be successful. In addition, identifying what constitutes successful practice among those who teach language learners requires educators to look forward for new ideas while simultaneously glancing back for strategies and techniques that are research proven.

Finally, it is important to explore the types of teacher development that translate to effectual teaching. Several of these topics are addressed in the variety of articles provided by the diverse authors who contribute their scholarship to this issue of the IAFOR Journal of Language Learning.

Best regards,
Melinda Cowart
IAFOR Journal of Language Learning

The IAFOR Journal of Language Learning is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, international journal. The journal encourages interdisciplinary research, with the primary focus being on addressing critical issues and current trends and research in the education of language learners and the field of language learning.

This would include exploring significant themes, exceptional programs and promising practice in the fields of second language acquisition, reading instruction, linguistics, content area literacy, multicultural education, and strategic instruction as they relate to the appropriate education of those engaged in language learning. The anticipated audience will be preservice and inservice teachers and administrators, university faculty and students, linguists, and others interested in language learning research.

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