ISSN: 2186-2303 The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences 2016: Official Conference Proceedings

ACSS2016 Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: “Justice and Sustainability”
Thursday, June 9 – Sunday, June 12 2016
ISSN: 2186-2311

ACSS2016 Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: "Justice and Sustainability"
Thursday, June 9 - Sunday, June 12 2016
ISSN: 2186-2311


Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents


Examining DOH's National Safe Motherhood Program as a Policy Addressing the Increasing Trend in Philippine Maternal Mortality Ratio
Karla Camille N. Ruiz

An Analysis on the Need for the Philippine Mental Health Act to be Made Law
Louin T. Adayo

The Participation of Young Refugees in Programme Designing: Social Inclusion and the Restoration of Cultural Normalcy in the Philippines
Aimee Francesca Terrenal

Syria's Relations with the European Union under the Barcelona Process: 1995-2010
Akanksha Gupta
Ranjith Rebello

How and Why Students Learn and Its Implications on Academic Achievement
S. Chee Choy
Daljeet S. Sedhu

Behavior and Satisfaction of Thai Tourists Towards Cultural Tourism Through Homestays in a Community Enterprise in Thailand
Sineenat Remlawan
Chatchai Tritham

Job Safety Knowledge and Apply Job Safety Analysis for Small and Medium Enterprises: At Chacheongsao Chonburi and Rayong Province
Jarut Dhitivara
Kitiwong Sasuad

Ethnicity and Community History Related to Active Aging Development at Sao Cha-Ngok Subdistrict, Bangkla District, Chacheongsao Province, Thailand
Phakphoom Lobdhom

Investigation on Behaviors and Affectation on Teachers and Students Rising From Use of Tablet on Integrated Learning in Primary School
Saifon Sekkhunthod

Participation of Family in Promoting Quality of Life for Elderly
Aungkana Koolnapadol

Social Justice: Widows' Perspectives
Poornima Sajive Nair

Human Capital of Teachers and Education Personnel Affecting the Student with Learning Disabilities in Elementary Schools
Pannarai Subsandee

Local Wisdom in Weaving Reed Mats by Designing Patterns at Community Enterprise of Kok Mat Transformation in Ban Sang District
Laksanaporn Rojpitakkul

Data Management of Standard Test and Assessment O-Net From Students Grades 6 And 9 During the Year 2010 And 2013
Nuengruthai Mekwathat

Factors Affecting the Quality of Life of the Elderly in the Eastern Provinces
Kitiwong Sasuad

The Study of an Impact of Immigrant-Worker on Public Health: A Case Study in Sakaeo Province, Thailand
Nawasanan Wongprasit

The Study of Primary Educational Students with Immigrant-Worker Parents in Sakaeo Province, Thailand
Wichit Saengsawang
Nawasanan Wongprasit

Revitalizing the Indonesian National Values to Strengthen the Nation's Character
Prima Roza
Dicky R. Munaf
Asep Wawan Jatnika
Tri Sulistyaningtyas
Yani Suryani

World Maritime Axis, Media and Indo-China Discourse
Asep Wawan Jatnika
Prima Roza
Dicky R. Munaf
Ferry Fauzi Hermawan
Tri Sulistyaningtyas

ASEAN Community 2015: Model for Managing International Labour Migration in Thailand
Tharita Sattayarak

Assessment of Impact of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on European Russia Forest
I. Kudrevatykh
N. Ananyeva
K. Ivashchenko

Determinants of Profitability of Rice Farming in Peri-Urban Area, Bangkok, Thailand
Sasima Fakkhong
Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong

Contributing and Inhibiting Factors of Cultural Adjustment
Anya Hommadova

Analysis of Linguistic Features and Functions in News Editorial Discourse Related to Social Issues in the ASEAN Community
Nanthiya Silachai
Kornwipa Poonpon

Research of Users' Emotional Responses to Interactive Advertisements in Waiting Space
Pung Yu Chen
Li Shu Lu

Exploring Triangle Centers in Euclidean Geometry with the Geometry Explorer
Charuwan Singmuang

The Use of Social Media in European Union Enterprises - Comparative Study
Aleksandra Ptak
Tomasz Lis

Seriously Funny: An Autoethnographic Investigation Into Humour's Subversive Power
Megan Green

A Virtualization-Based Laboratory for Learners' Hands-On Skills of Hacking
Jung-Lung Hsu
Kuo-Ming Hung
Wu-Yuin Hwang
Huey-Wen Chou

UN Essentials or Reinventing the Wheel: Rising Powers and the Decline of Trilateralism in Middle East Peace-Making
Ian Nelson

Urban Governance and 'Human' Development Challenges in India
Vandana Mishra

Problem Identification and Prioritization Methods: Significant Steps of Forest Policy Formulation Based on Public Participation
Jariyaporn Masawat
Saowalak Roongtawanreongsri
Prakart Sawangchote

Suicide Prevention as Governance: Suicide Discourses in Post-Martial Law Taiwan
Yi-Han Huag

The Design and Experience Model of Mixed Reality Interactions in Museums
Chan-Li Lin
I-Chu Chen
Wei-Ling Wu

Framing of Nuclear Discourse at 5-Year Memorial of the Great East Japan Earthquake by Two English Newspapers in Japan
Theodore Fernando
Thomas Varkey

Ecovillage and Its Application in Thailand
Rachada Boonkaew
Saowalak Roongtawanreongsri

Ecosystem Services of Rubber Agroforestry System: A Review
Narun Nattharom
Saowalak Roongtawanreongsri
Sara Bumrungsri

Teaching and Learning: The Approaches of a Modern Environmental Regulator
Grant Pink
Jane Hudson

The Factors Attributing the Successful Management for Mango Orchards in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand
Suchanat Pattanavongngam

The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Participation of the Public for Local Government in Thailand: A Conceptual Perspective
Eakachai Chaida
Suwicha Seangroongpet
Pannarat Kankraisri
Chatchai Tritham

Examining the Concept of a Special Relationship: A Study of Indonesia-Malaysia Relations
Ho Ying Chan

Ludic Culture and Simulation Gaming in Teaching the Principles of Sustainable Economics
Michael Kryukov
Tatiana Suprun

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