Special Message: March 2020 Conferences Moved Online

Dear Colleagues,

After careful consideration by the Board of Directors, and due to continued uncertainties surrounding the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, IAFOR has decided to move its March 2020 conferences online.

While the situation in Japan is cautiously optimistic, most universities have already taken the decision to move their classes online for at least the rest of the month. For many other countries around the world, however, the circumstances are now worsening, with lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed, causing continued major disruption.

Despite the trying circumstances, international university scholars still need and want to present, publish and participate, and IAFOR remains committed to the conferences we have in May and throughout the rest of the year, and also to providing excellent opportunities in the form of virtual and online presentations.

We thank you for your continued support.

For and on behalf of the IAFOR Board of Directors,

Dr Joseph Haldane
Chairman and CEO

Posted by IAFOR