Tag: The Asian Conference on Language Learning

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Motivation in Language Learning Professor Kay Irie

Motivation in Language Learning

In this interview, Professor Ted O’Neill speaks with Professor Kay Irie about the effects of applying motivation strategies to language learning environments.

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Professor Kuniko Miyanaga Globalization, Culture and the Individual

Globalisation, Culture and the Individual

Professor Kuniko Miyanaga of the Human Potential Institute discusses ‘Globalisation, Culture and the Individual’ at The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2014 in Osaka, Japan.

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Language and Identity with Professor Kuniko Miyanaga

Language and Identity

How does our identity and personality change when learning a new language? Professor Kuniko Miyanaga speaks with Dr Joseph Haldane on this subject following her Keynote Presentation at The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2014.

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Professor Roger Palmer on Language Learning

Helping Language Learners Build Knowledge

Professor Roger Palmer of Konan University discusses ways to help learners build knowledge as they learn second or foreign languages, enabling them to join the target language community.

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First and Second Language Acquisition with Marjo Mitsutomi & Minna Kirjavainen

First and Second Language Acquisition

Marjo Mitsutomi and Minna Kirjavainen look at the process of first and second language acquisition and introduce some of their latest research findings.