“Value and Values” ECP/ECERP2019 Photo Report

The first conference in IAFOR’s Brighton conference series was The 6th European Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences (ECP2019) concurrently held with The 6th European Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (ECERP2019) focusing on the theme of “Value and Values”. Keynote Presentations included those by Dr Amy Szarkowski (above left), a leading psychologist from Harvard Medical School (USA), who presented on “Difficult Conversations: Respecting Values & Changing Behaviors”, addressing how medical professionals train to deliver bad news to patients. She drew on her own clinical work with doctors to explain the significant psychological factors at work in both the professionals and the patients at these critical moments. This was followed by Dr Stephen E. Gregg (above right), from the University of Wolverhampton (UK), who presented on religion in modern society, noting the relationship between critics and religious people, the language of public discourse, and the role of academic scholarship in balancing confessional approaches to religion.

Professor Bas Verplanken

With the final Keynote, “Practise What You Preach? Views on Values from Social Psychology”, Professor Bas Verplanken (above) of the University of Bath (UK), brought together ideas from both religion and psychology when he discussed the relationship between values and the self and how this relationship impacts behavioral change.

ECP/ECERP2019 Conference Programme and Abstract Book

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