Yvonne Masters to present “‘I have presented my research’: an ending or a beginning?”

Dr Yvonne Masters

AURS2016 Conference Chair & Featured Speaker

University of New England, Australia

Dr Yvonne Masters, Featured Speaker at The Asian Undergraduate Research Symposium 2016 (AURS2016), will discuss the journey that takes place after research and presenting. Her full abstract is available to read below.

Dr Yvonne Masters is currently a Senior Lecturer in Professional Classroom Practice in the School of Education, University of New England (UNE), Armidale, Australia, a position that she accepted after five years as Director of Professional Experience in the same School. Prior to taking up her position at UNE Yvonne had 30 years’ experience in secondary schools including in the roles of Curriculum Coordinator, Deputy Principal and Principal, roles that developed her skills in leadership, project management, curriculum and assessment. Her teaching experience spans three Australian states. Yvonne’s research interests centre on teacher education, professional experience and virtual worlds, with a particular focus on distance education students. She has a keen interest in developing an understanding in pre-service teachers of the need for a caring and professional approach to teaching. Her goal is the development of teachers who respect their students and empower them in classrooms rather than dis-empowering them through punitive and unreasonable responses. Yvonne gained in 2010, in collaboration with other researchers, an Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) grant entitled VirtualPREX: Innovative assessment using a 3D virtual world with pre-service teachers, and at the end of 2014 received an OLT Seed Grant to develop resources to equip pre-service teachers for the new wave of virtual schools. Yvonne has written and co-written seven book chapters, two journal articles and presented six refereed conference papers in the last three years. While Yvonne is an active researcher and a teacher educator, her deep passion is providing school students with an engaging classroom where each student is respected for their own individuality and provided with an environment that facilitates their learning.

Featured Presentation | ‘I have presented my research’: an ending or a beginning?

Research is not a rarefied activity that only takes place in universities and/or laboratories, nor is it a one-off event. Presenting to others is not only for conferences, nor is it the end of a journey. Moving forward, whether to postgraduate work at a university or taking on a career, there is still an expectation that thoughts and ideas can be eloquently presented to others.

There is also an element of research in most occupations. This presentation explores possible beginnings for future consideration.

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