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This IAFOR event is held in affiliation with some of the world's leading universities and NGOs. As part of a growing educational and research network, these partnerships confirm the integrity and high academic standing of the organization, particularly with regard to our international and intercultural objectives.

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Whether you are a seasoned professional who has been presenting for many years, or a nervous first-timer, the following tips are intended to act as a simple guide or reminder.

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The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2016

Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan

Thursday, June 9 - Sunday, June 12, 2016

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 15, 2016

Registration Deadline for Presenters: May 15, 2016


Publish before a global audience. Present in a supportive environment. Network and create new relationships. Hear the latest research. Experience Japan. Join a global academic community.

This international and interdisciplinary conference will again bring together a range of academics and practitioners to discuss new directions of research and discovery in education. As with IAFOR’s other events, ACSEE2016 will afford the opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, and networking across higher education and beyond.

The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment will be held alongside The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences and The Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology. Registration for one conference will allow attendees to attend sessions in the others.




2016 Conference Theme: “Justice and Sustainability”


The theme of “Justice and Sustainability” invites us to look at the concepts and forms justice can take, and the contested spaces around these terms, particularly within issues of sustainability, the environment, domestic and international law, equity, along with access to water, food, healthcare and education.

This international and interdisciplinary conference calls for professors, researchers, policy makers and professionals from around the globe to come together to share their respective outlooks and collective wisdoms in the pursuit of a sustainable world. The speakers will be expressing divergent views, searching for common ground, and looking for the synergies that can inspire multidisciplinary research collaborations, as we work together to address complex problems, establish common visions, and motivate communities and societies to embody the ideal of justice in their activities.

The conference is an expression of the steadily emerging global network of IAFOR activities. Justice is also this year’s conference theme for the 2016 IAFOR Social Sciences conferences, in a conference programme that will be held in Japan & the UK, with a combined attendance of more than a 600 delegates from over 50 countries, and dozens more cultures.

We hope and expect the 2016 conference theme to inspire a number of research avenues, and look forward to discussing ideas, findings and synergies in this international academic forum.

We hope to see you at ACSEE2016!

More information on our conference theme and sub-themes.




ACSEE2016 Conference Chairs


Conference Chair and Featured Speaker

Stuart Picken IAFOR Staff Profile

Professor Stuart Picken


Chairman of the IAFOR IAB

Order of the Sacred Treasure, M.A. (Hons), B.D., Ph.D. (Glasgow), F.R.A.S.

Stuart D. B. Picken is the Chairman of the International Advisory Board, and in this role is Chairman of the Organisation. As Chairman of IAFOR, Professor Picken helps guide the academic and political strategy of the organisation, and assists in the forging of global institutional partnerships. He is also responsible for the development of the IAFOR Research Institutes.

The author of a dozen books and over 130 articles and papers, Professor Picken is considered one of the foremost scholars on Japan, China, and Globalisation in East Asia. As an academic, Professor Picken has devoted more than 30 years to scholarship in Japan, notably as a Professor of Philosophy at the International Christian University in Tokyo.



Conference Co-Chair and Featured Speaker

James McNally crop

Dr James McNally

University of Michigan, USA

James McNally is the Director of the NACDA Program on Aging, a data archive containing over 1,500 studies related to health and the aging lifecourse. He currently does methodological research on the improvement and enhancement of secondary research data and has been cited as an expert authority on data imputation. McNally has directed the NACDA Program on Aging since 1998 and has seen the archive significantly increase its holdings with a growing collection of seminal studies on the aging lifecourse, health, retirement and international aspects of aging.



Conference Co-Chair and Featured Speaker


Prof. Hiroshi Ishida

Department of Comparative Contemporary Societies, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tokyo, Japan

Hiroshi Ishida is Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tokyo. He served as the Director of the Institute of Social Sciences and the Director of the Center of Social Research and Data Archives, at the University of Tokyo, from 2012 to 2015. He received his Ph.D. in sociology from Harvard University, conducted post-doctoral research at Nuffield College and St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, and held positions of Assistant and Associate Professor of Sociology at Columbia University. He was a Visiting Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan and a Visiting Fellow of Sociology at Yale University.



View all Keynote Speakers, Featured Speakers and Conference Chairs



ACSEE2016 Screenings


As part of our Asian Conference on Film & Documentary (FilmAsia), each year IAFOR hosts the IAFOR Documentary Film Award & Festival (IDFA).

The quality of submissions to our competition and the power behind these documentaries has been extremely impressive. IDFA2015 featured some of our most interesting and compelling documentaries to date. The mission of the IDFA is to recognize and support these storytellers in their efforts to expose truths and bring attention to the world’s untold stories.

Registered Delegates are invited to attend these screenings at no additional charge.


The Land Of Many Palaces IAFOR Documentary Film Award

The Land of Many Places
Best Newcomer Feature IDFA2015

Directed by Adam James Smith & Song Ting
In Ordos, China, thousands of farmers are being relocated into a new city under a government plan to modernize the region. “The Land of Many Palaces” follows a government official whose job is to convince these farmers that their lives will be better off in the city, and a farmer in one of the last remaining villages in the region who is pressured to move. The film explores a process that will take shape on an enormous scale across China, since the central government announced plans to relocate 250 million farmers to cities across the nation over the next 20 years.



If you are interested in screening The Land of Many Palaces at a conference or workshop, or if you’d like to invite directors to your campus to speak about the film, please contact

Universities, high schools, public libraries, community groups, museums and other institutions can order an “Educational DVD”. For individuals, “Home Use” DVD’s will be available from Spring 2016.



Why join an IAFOR conference?




IAFOR ACSEE2015 Conference Videos




IAFOR Publishing Opportunities


IAFOR Journal of a Sustainability


The IAFOR Journal of Sustainability, Energy & the Environment is an editorially independent journal associated with ACSEE. A small number of papers from the conference proceedings will be selected by the journal editor for inclusion. Articles may also be submitted directly by contacting the editor. IAFOR’s open access journals conform to the highest academic standards, reflect the interdisciplinary and international nature of our conferences and are organised thematically.



Conference Proceedings

If your abstract is accepted and you have registered for the conference, you are encouraged to submit a full paper for inclusion in the official conference proceedings published on the website. Final papers should be uploaded through the submissions system. Please ensure that your paper is ready to go to press by the submission deadline.




THINK, The Academic Platform, is IAFOR’s online magazine, publishing the latest in interdisciplinary research and ideas from some of the world’s foremost academics, many of whom have presented at IAFOR conferences. Content is varied in both subject and form, with everything from full research papers, to shorter opinion pieces, interviews, podcasts, film and photography.



IAFOR University & Institutional Partners


The International Academic Forum works with our partner institutions to encourage the best in international, intercultural and interdisciplinary research at this conference.

We work with senior administrators and professors to develop programs which are timely, thought-provoking and academically rigorous. This global partnership alliance allows our interdisciplinary conferences are backed by some of the world’s foremost institutions of learning. Read more about our partners.