IAFOR’s publications have been in production since the organisation’s inception in 2009. During this time more than 10,000 academics have presented their research at IAFOR conferences – ideas have been generated and partnerships formed. Our various publications, from the Conference Proceedings, to peer-reviewed journals, to our online magazine, THINK, provide a permanent record of and a global online platform for this valuable research. All of our publications are open access, free to read online and free of publishing fees of any kind.



Journal of Education Volume 3 Issue 1 cover


IAFOR publishes over a dozen editorially independent, open access, peer-reviewed journals across a variety of disciplines. A small number of papers from the Conference Proceedings are selected by the journal editors for reworking and revising for inclusion in their respective journals. Papers may also be submitted via an open call, and proposed articles should be sent directly to the appropriate editor according to author guidelines, available on the journal homepages. On average, each journal publishes biannually.

Each of the journal editors is in charge of appointing their own editorial board, who help to rework and revise papers as appropriate, according to internationally accepted processes of peer review. Indexing varies from journal to journal – some are indexed by ERIC, DOAJ, CiteFactor and EBSCO, to name a few, and all are indexed by SHERPA/ROMEO and Google Scholar. Each of our journal issues is viewed thousands of times a month and the articles are frequently cited by researchers the world over, largely with thanks to our dedicated marketing efforts. Each issue is promoted across our social media platforms and to our tailored email marketing lists.

IAFOR journals are open access publications, available online completely free of charge and without delay or embargo under Creative Commons. Authors are not required to pay charges of any sort towards the publication of IAFOR journals and neither editors nor members of the editorial team are remunerated for their work.

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THINK, The Academic Platform, is IAFOR’s online magazine, publishing the latest in interdisciplinary research and ideas from some of the world’s foremost academics, many of whom have presented at IAFOR conferences. Content is varied in both subject and form, with everything from full research papers, to shorter opinion pieces, interviews, film and photography. THINK gives academics the opportunity to step outside of the traditional research publishing status quo – to get creative, explore different disciplines and to have their ideas heard, shared and discussed by a diverse, global audience.

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Conference Proceedings

As a presenter at an IAFOR conference you are encouraged to submit a final paper to our Conference Proceedings. These online publications are open access research repositories, which act as a permanent record of the research generated at any IAFOR conference. All of our Conference Proceedings are freely available to read online under Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution Non Commercial International. Final papers should be uploaded through the submission system in time for the deadline, which is one month following the end of any given conference.

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IAFOR Keynotes Series

The IAFOR Keynotes Series is a collection of the associated papers of Keynote Presentations given at our conferences. Presented as a part of the open research archive, the Keynotes Series provides an example of the range and quality of speakers at IAFOR events. These keynotes are lightly reworked, and contain references, but are otherwise true to the original address. Many can also be seen in video format on our YouTube channel, or on THINK. Whether you were present at the conference or not, the content from senior academics is a valuable source of information for research across a broad range of disciplines.

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Haiku Award Cover 2015

IAFOR Anthologies

The IAFOR Haiku Anthology features the winning haiku from the annual IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award, which has had its most prolific year yet, attracting nearly 700 submissions from 60 countries. Further details can be found at

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Death in the Japanese Tradition by Professor Stuart D. B. Picken

IAFOR Monographs

A special serialised monograph exclusive to IAFOR by Professor Stuart D. B. Picken, one of the leading scholars on Japan, is published on THINK every Thursday. Titled Death in the Japanese Tradition: A Study in the Cultural Evolution and Transformation, the original research examines the history and changes of attitudes towards death in Japan.

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Eye Magazine - Issue 3 - Spring 2014

Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine was established in the spring of 2013 and named after the Japanese kanji for eye (目), which means to encompass experience or viewpoint, to look and to stare. It is this that the magazine aimed to inspire – the act of looking, examining and engaging with a variation of interdisciplinary insights.

Eye Magazine is now out of production, replaced by IAFOR’s online magazine, THINK, The Academic Platform. All past issues of Eye Magazine will remain free to access and read online.

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The IAFOR Academic Review

One of the central missions of IAFOR is to provide avenues for academics and researchers to be international, intercultural and interdisciplinary.

The IAFOR Academic Review was established as an interdisciplinary publication to showcase some of the strongest papers presented at IAFOR conferences, selected for each edition by the editorial committee.

The IAFOR Academic Review is now out of production, replaced by IAFOR’s online magazine, THINK, The Academic Platform. All past issues of The IAFOR Academic Review will remain free to access and read online.

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