IAFOR's online, Open Access journals conform to the highest academic standards of international peer review, and are published in accordance with the IAFOR publishing commitment to make all of our published materials available online.

IAFOR’s journals reflect the interdisciplinary and international nature of our conferences and are organised thematically. Journal editors will consider articles submitted directly via an open call for papers, and may also invite authors of papers deposited in the Conference Proceedings of associated IAFOR events to submit a reworked manuscript for editorial evaluation and peer review. All papers are reviewed equally according to standard peer review processes.

IAFOR publications are accessible on the website (Open Access) to researchers all over the world, completely free of charge and without delay or embargo. Authors are not required to pay submission or publication charges of any sort. Journal editors and Editorial Board members do not receive financial remuneration for their contributions.


THINK – The Academic Platform

THINK, The Academic Platform, is IAFOR’s online magazine, publishing the latest in interdisciplinary research and ideas from some of the world’s foremost academics, many of whom have presented at IAFOR conferences. Content is varied in both subject and form, with everything from in-depth articles to shorter opinion pieces, interviews, film and photography.

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Archived Publications

The IAFOR publications Eye Magazine, The IAFOR Academic Review and the IAFOR Keynotes series are no longer in production, but are freely available in full to view and download.