Events Held in the United States

IAFOR hosted its first events in North America, with a conference series in Providence, Rhode Island. Held in association with local affiliates Providence College and Merrill Lynch Bank of America, the North American Conference Series was hosted over three successive weekends and included a diverse lineup of speakers, from eminent invited Keynotes from some of the East Coast’s biggest educational institutions, such as Professor Michael A. Cusumano (Sloan Professor of Management at MIT), to prominent artists and actors, such as Law and Order regular, Jenna Stern.

New Publications Launched

In August 2014, the IAFOR Journal of Business and Management is first published.

In September 2014, the IAFOR Journal of Politics, Economics & Law is first published.

In September 2014, the IAFOR Journal of Sustainability, Energy & the Environment is first published.

In October 2014, the IAFOR Journal of Language Learning is first published.

In December 2014, the IAFOR Journal of Asian Studies is first published.

Introducing "The IAFOR Academic Review"

The IAFOR Academic Review published its first issue in 2014 under the editorship of Michael Liam Kedzlie. It aimed to showcase the most interesting contributions from IAFOR conferences and each of the themed issues contained articles selected by the magazine’s Editorial Committee. 11 issues of the magazine were published in two volumes.

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