IAFOR Documentary Photography Award Launched

Following a meeting in 2014 at The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities (ACAH) in Osaka, Japan, between Dr Joseph Haldane and Thaddeus Pope of IAFOR and Paul Lowe of University of the Arts London, IAFOR decides to launch the IAFOR Documentary Photography Award in 2015. The IAFOR Documentary Photography Award is founded as an international photography award that seeks to promote and assist in the professional development of emerging documentary photographers and photojournalists.

As an organisation, IAFOR’s mission is to promote international exchange, facilitate intercultural awareness, encourage interdisciplinary discussion, and generate and share new knowledge. In keeping with this mission, in appreciation of the great value of photography as a medium that can be shared across borders of language, culture and nation, and to influence and inform our academic work and programmes, the IAFOR Documentary Photography Award was launched as a competition that would help underline the importance of the organisation’s aims, and would promote and recognise best practice and excellence. In support of up-and-coming talent, the IAFOR Documentary Photography Award is free to enter.

The Award’s Founding Judge, Paul Lowe is a Reader in Documentary Photography and the Course Leader of the Masters program in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, UK. Paul is an award-winning photographer who has been published in TIME, Newsweek, Life, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Observer, and The Independent, amongst others. Invited 2015 Guest Judges are Simon Norfolk and Emma Bowkett. Simon is an award-winning conflict photographer, who has been described as “the leading documentary photographer of our time”. Emma is the Director of Photography at the Financial Times FT Weekend Magazine. Thaddeus Pope, Director of Media, Design & Marketing at IAFOR, is named as the Founding Creative Director of the Award.

The judges selected Hosam Katan from Syria as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 IAFOR Documentary Photography Award for his important work from his hometown of Aleppo in Syria. Simon Norfolk had this to say about Hosam’s work:

“Hosam’s work stood out for me for its fierce, go-where-no-one-else-can-go bravery. I admire what he’s done but also that he was requesting funding to keep doing what he does and not go off globe-trotting. A crucial story, and it’s not often that you can say without hyperbole that if he doesn’t record it, it will not get recorded.”

From the outset, the award is supported by World Press Photo, British Journal of Photography, Metro Imaging, MediaStorm, Think Tank Photo, University of the Arts London, RMIT University and The Centre for Documentary Practice.

Events Held in the Middle East

IAFOR hosts its first conference series in the Middle East in Dubai, UAE. The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Dubai (IICEDubai) is a multidisciplinary conference held concurrently with The IAFOR International Conference on Language Learning – Dubai (IICLLDubai). These events are scheduled simultaneously to maximise opportunities for interdisciplinary discussion and interaction. The shared theme for the inaugural event was “Education, Power and Empowerment: Developing Transnational Spaces”.

Collaboration with Osaka University

IAFOR collaborates with the Global Governance postgraduate course in the Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP) at Osaka University, alongside the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). The course for MA and PhD students to study important issues in international politics, foreign relations and security from a global perspective and to discuss pragmatic and relevant policies regarding them. Students are invited to attend IAFOR conferences as a part of their course, with fees covered by the organisation.

Documentary Filmmaking in Support of Indigenous Peoples Education

A shared ambition for change, transformation and social justice was the catalyst for IAFOR Media and HOPE International Development Agency, Japan to document the lives and stories of the indigenous peoples (IP) of the Philippines and their struggle to achieve equity in education.

Screened at HOPE International Development Agency fundraising galas in Japan and Hong Kong, “The Greatest Gift” was made as part of a fundraising effort to create scholarships for the Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples Education in Davao, Philippines.

Hance Pugales is a first year student at the Pamulaan Center and “The Greatest Gift” follows her story as we learn of the ambitions and challenges of the IP youth.

“The Greatest Gift” was Directed by Shawn Mahler and the Director of Photography was Thaddeus Pope.

New Psychology Journal

In December 2015, the IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences is first published.

The IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, international and intercultural journal. All papers published in the journal have been subjected to the rigorous and accepted processes of academic peer review. The journal encourages interdisciplinary research, with the primary focus being on psychology and behavioral sciences. Work that cuts across a variety of disciplines and fields related to psychology and the behavioral sciences is encouraged.

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