Dr Joseph Haldane
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Administrative Director, The OSIPP-IAFOR Research Centre, Osaka University, Japan

Professor Anne Boddington
Executive Vice-President and Provost

Alexander Pratt
Director of Operations

Donna Zier
Operations Manager

Nick Potts
Publications Manager
Publications Officer, The OSIPP-IAFOR Research Centre

Matthew Chima
Marketing Manager

Eriko Inoue
Senior Accounts Coordinator

Nick Linnan
Conference and Events Coordinator
IAFOR Research Centre Liaison

Dr Melina Neophytou
Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO
Academic Coordinator

Amina Batbold
Executive Assistant to the Director of Operations
Administrative Coordinator

Apipol Sae-Tung
Academic Coordinator

Chihoko Murahashi
Senior Administrative Coordinator

Hiroki Eto
Administrative Coordinator

Suzue Abe
Accounts Coordinator

Kinuko Enomoto
Accounts Coordinator

Sachiko Sakamoto
Publications Coordinator

Mark Kenneth Camiling
Publications Assistant

Indranil Enkhtuvshin
Marketing & Design Assistant

Briar Pelletier
Editorial Assistant

Mirai Shiina
Special Project Assistant