Adaptive Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy

The Calhoun Center for Higher Education Innovation at Virginia Tech, in partnership with Virginia Tech Publishing, IAFOR and the Future Talent Council, are happy to announce the publishing of the collaborative report on Adaptive Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy. The report was compiled over the past 18 months by 60 co-authors from 32 different organisations spanning industry, academia, government, non-profits and K-12.

IAFOR would like to thank The Calhoun Center, and its Director, Professor Thanassis Rikakis for his work coordinating this important project, as well as the many collaborators for their participation and contributions.

The publishing of the report is being accompanied by the launching of nine global working groups that will begin to move the recommendations of the report into actionable items (ranging from the development of joint projects and grant proposals to the realisation of collaborative adaptive learning platforms and tools).

IAFOR’s main concentration as far as the working groups are conference will be on Adaptive and Integrative Learning in Global Academia, where we will work with the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) and Future Talent Council (FTC). This working group will engage a wide group of educators and scholars from around the world with a focus on the IAFOR, APLU and FTC networks. The group will gather emerging practices in developing adaptive and integrative professional and personal development curricula across the globe and form partnerships for exchange of lessons learned and/or coordination of efforts across institutions. The group will also look in faculty and staff development issues as well as technology adaptation and development issues for delivering adaptive lifelong learning. The group will focus on the enabling technologies discussed in Chapter III and the combinations of gradual and transformative change discussed in Chapters III and IV.

The entire Adaptive Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy report can be downloaded from the Calhoun Center website or by clicking the button below.

More details about working groups can be found here.

If you are interested in participating or contributing to one of the working groups, please send an email with CV and cover letter explaining your potential areas of contribution, and send a message to with Working Group Application in the subject line.

See the following panel video, part of The 8th European Conference on Education (ECE2020), titled "Embracing Difference? Adaptive Lifelong Learning" with Thanassis Rikakis, Virginia Tech, United States; Joseph Haldane, IAFOR, Japan; and moderated by Anne Boddington, Kingston University, United Kingdom.

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