As the world’s largest continent continues to develop, so do its educational and academic needs, and as the global economy recentres towards the Asia-Pacific region, the relevance and significance of IAFOR as an interdisciplinary think tank for both Asia and the West grows.

IAFOR's Asian Conference Series, held in the cosmopolitan port city of Kobe, Japan, is the ideal forum in which to discuss emerging regional and global issues, and to keep up to date with the latest interdisciplinary research across a range of academic fields.

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October 19 - October 22, 2017 | Kobe, Japan
October 27 - October 29, 2017 | Kobe, Japan
March 22 - March 24, 2018 | Kobe, Japan
March 22 - March 24, 2018 | Kobe, Japan
March 26 - March 28, 2018 | Kobe, Japan
March 30 - April 01, 2018 | Kobe, Japan
March 30 - April 01, 2018 | Kobe, Japan
April 27 - April 29, 2018 | Kobe, Japan


Europe has long been a creative centre of global development. The classical inheritance, voyages of discovery and advances in all fields of science that have occurred throughout its history have cemented its status as a definitive region of world civilisation and a reliable source of collective wisdom and understanding. However, Europe must engage on a global level more and more, particularly with Asia as the Pacific Ocean grows equal in importance to the Atlantic.

Held in the cultural centres of Brighton, UK, and Barcelona, Spain, IAFOR's European Conference Series facilitates this encounter between Europe and the rest of the world, offering opportunities for new international connections and cross-cultural research partnerships.

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Middle East

The Middle East has for thousands of years been a meeting point of religions, cultures and trade routes, but the newer states of the United Arab Emirates have in recent years acquired importance as an academic hub at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as of the United States, with the building of a number of new universities and satellite campuses.

Education and development feature highly on the agenda at the IAFOR Dubai Conference Series, which reflects the rich cultural and historical significance of the Middle East as well as Dubai's growing significance in world affairs.

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February 16 - February 18, 2018 | Dubai, UAE
February 16 - February 18, 2018 | Dubai, UAE

North America

IAFOR's North American conference series was first held in 2014 in the heart of New England, in Providence, near Boston, and now takes place in Honolulu, Hawaii. IAFOR's events in the United States have featured Keynote Presentations by faculty from Harvard University, MIT, Brown University, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and representatives from the World Bank and Boston Children’s Hospital, among other institutions.

A rich crossroads of peoples and cultures, Hawaii has strong indigenous Pacific island roots as well as European and Asian historical influences. IAFOR's conference venue near Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, is situated on Oahu, a tropical island abundantly rich in flora and fauna, dramatic in landscape, and surrounded by beautiful turquoise seas. Oahu is known locally as “The Gathering Place”, and the IAFOR Hawaii Conference Series sees academics from across the world gather together to exchange the latest interdisciplinary research and ideas.

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